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Feathers and Sewing Update

2009-08-18, 9:56 a.m.

So, other things going on 'round these parts...

Off-topic: AUGUST DOES NOT EQUAL FALL, PEOPLE. SHUT YOUR PIEHOLES ABOUT THAT. August 1 is NOT the first day of fall. Let me enjoy another month of warmth, please.

1. Feather Count: now at 33 found, though a couple got lost/one fell out of a pocket after I found it. I found four in a day and seven in a day two days later. And then I found one in the DISH DRAIN and another under the ottoman. Clearly fairies have wandered off with them and stuck them in weird places.

Yeah, I don't know what this means, other than "hey, manifestation really works..." Though I suppose this is a pretty good answer as well.

2. Sewing class: it's over, and I can have my Monday nights free to go to the gym again. As per usual at the CC, about half the class disappeared after the first few weeks, but those who have attended consistently or semi-intermittently have been plugging away at their pajama pants. Two people finished theirs in week 6 out of 7, and the other two were pretty close to it. Nobody showed up for the last class last night, but that didn't surprise me (why start another project on the last night, I guess) and I left after 20 minutes. That's the first time the rumored "20-minute rule" has ever worked out for me, heh.

I don't know how I feel about my idea of "everyone works on the same project." As a teaching tool it seems to work pretty well, but some issues came up. I think if I end up teaching beginning sewing again (in the summer if no one else will again), I'd try to buy everyone the same pattern and order it online or something ahead of time rather than have everyone discover that pajama pants can come in many odd varieties. It's kind of sad that it took pretty much the whole class to do one project (which is to say, they didn't get to working on anything else). Okay, so only one person came in with ideas of things she wanted to do and she only showed up on weeks 1 and 3 (and she pretty much knew how to sew already), but still.

Oh well, this isn't my usual sort of thing anyway, and people seemed to have learned things and were pretty happy, so whatever.

3. Astrology class: never heard anything about this. Apparently one has to nag them incessantly in order to get them to do anything. This makes me feel rather reluctant to want to sign on with an organization where I have to be a nag...also, since my usual CC class that I TA for will be going on during the fall, I am less motivated to book myself out for another night.

Scheduling is kind of driving me crazy anyway of late, between strongly debating whether or not to drop out of writer's group (really, I just should do it because trying to get there is just making me tired) to officially free up a weeknight for something else, and trying to figure when I can fit a freebie class in at the CC, and on top of THAT, finding out that the self-defense club actually exists now and I'd like to join up with that.

So...I may just not nag and bitch about it and let it go.

4. Mom is quitting therapy. Waaah, I can't afford it, it's too expensive, she won't give me a discount...meanwhile, I'm going to go spend a few thousand on a new leather recliner couch because I REALLY want it...

Um, yeah.

Oh well. As long as she's not quitting the monthly group sessions, I suppose it doesn't really matter. She's not exactly willing to put in any work on herself at this point in time (or perhaps ever), she doesn't remember her own phone sessions after she has them, I suppose she might as well quit. The shrink was unsurprised and all, "I figured she'd last about six months anyway."

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