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Slow Day #2

2012-09-18, 8:16 p.m.

Another dull vacation entry.

Today is also boring. I seem to have gotten slightly sick. On the one hand, my sore throat is gone. On the other hand, I keep having to blow my nose and my back feels like it has a fever and is kinda sore and feels hot... very weird. I rarely have back issues (go figure, given how much crap I carry around in my backpack), but when you do, it does take the energy out of your body.

I suppose if I had to get slightly sick, it's good to be doing it this week rather than last week when I had cool things to see. On the other hand, I wonder if I would have gotten sick had I actually had things to do this week. Seriously, sitting indoors all day is a waste of time off. I know it can't be helped and if I was 93 and fell, I wouldn't ever want to leave the house again either. Mom is delighted to spend all day and night going through old photo albums. I know I should be into that, but I never have been, and while Mom happily trips down memory lane with Aunt Babs, I have zero idea of who those people are and glaze over at the photos of the great-great grandparents. I have more interest if I've met the folks, but if I haven' Guilt, guilt, guilt because I should care more and this is a one-time opportunity and all that.

We briefly got out once today to go to Rite-Aid, but after that it started raining and Aunt Babs was afraid to leave the car in rain, so that was the end of the daily errands. The big thrill was following Aunt Babs with a shopping cart (felt like a stalker), finding a Justin Bieber singing toothbrush, being The Weird Californians to the clerk, and picking up some emergency Claritin to deal with the sneezing. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we'll go to the post office and the doctor. Pam presumably will show up for dinner.

My shrink said we should try to get out on our own during this part of the trip. Hah. I don't think it'd be okay if I went down the street alone here. Abandoning the family and all that.

I finished the tank top I have been working on, then took it out to start all over again. It came out too big (I hate knitting sizing). I also read over 10-year-old A&E Biography magazines I found by my bed. It's slightly interesting to see who's died and who's broken up since 1998-2002 and who hasn't.

Quote from Aunt Babs: I'm so tired of pictures.

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