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Long Slog in SD

2019-09-18, 10:34 p.m.

Our travel went uneventfully today except for it totally randomly POURING RAIN OUTTA NOWHERE when we arrived at the airport. We were absolutely not wearing appropriate outfits for this or carrying umbrellas whatsoever. I had on sandals, hippie pants, a tie dye tank top (which you should not get wet) and a light sweater, Mom only had slightly more than that. Mom dug through her suitcase to get us jackets, which were needed, and then were hella wet by the time we got there anyway.

They have some kind of calming dog program that roams through the airport, so I got to pet a dog. Which will be the only dog I get to do that with this trip, as I only found out NOW that English Pat gave away her corgi puppy for being obnoxious and peeing on everything (though she said she’d wished she’d gone to get him trained, but she was too ill at the time). So waaaaaah about that one.

English Pat is living in Winchester, which was an over 2 hour drive in sluggish traffic to get to, and added bonus, we got snagged by a fucking Trump....something, it wasn’t a motorcade and I only saw a bunch of motorcycles, but traffic was blocked for a half hour trying to leave the rental car place. Rental car also doesn’t let us use GPS or plug in my iPod to play in the car or any of that, and has no radio otherwise, so I had to play my iPod through its jack to try to keep Mom entertained in dull traffic. So this will be quite a slog going back and forth to SD for things, I see.

We basically hung out around the house after getting here after all of that, and I wrote all this up. The new house is beautiful, even if there's no pool or dog. Pat also said I'd lost weight and how did I do it, and I was all, "running around hyper, I guess?" (Combined with not sleeping or eating much all summer, I think, but can't exactly recommend that.)

Legoland tomorrow!

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