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New Laptop!

2006-09-19, 9:36 a.m.

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So, the laptop problem has finally been solved. The final verdict was that (a) the video chip would cost about $365, but the labor in putting it in would be a ton, and (b) as it turned out, the hard drive was dying on it. Oof.

So I was asking, "Can you put the hard drive stuff onto my external drive," etc., and he said, "Well, we have laptops here for cheap if you want to check them out..."

So I went down there and promptly fell in love with a small(!) shiny Compaq, which has the HD space I wanted, burns DVD's, has WORKING wireless... everything I wanted. And for $669. So perfect!

He only charged me for the laptop and sales tax, too, since the laptop wasn't fixable and he gave me freebies on other stuff. And he even came over to my house to make sure the wireless was working (it does!). If anyone ever needs a repair shop in this town, e-mail me and I'll tell you the name, because I am pretty dang pleased here.

I am going back over there tomorrow to finish the hard drive transfer stuff, but man, this is NICE. I even managed to find all of my install disks for stuff, which I thought I'd never find around here.

And last night I happily surfed the web again. I can even bring the laptop into my ROOM and have net access, without it being plugged into anything! HUZZAH!!!! Oh, I am swooning. I love my new precious wittle baby laptop!

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