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Sketch 101 Week 4: The Weirdest Idea You Can Think Of

2016-09-19, 10:39 p.m.

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This week’s sketches: a needy bartender, a feminist girl working at Hooters, a guy who’s so obsessed with robots he has automated everything, a couple with relationship issues.

Mine was a character idea I had a while back about Jesus having a redneck baby sister-i.e. God tries having another kid again, except in this day and age people don’t really buy “virgin births,” so she just kind of goes around doing her own thing. I had her at a party providing more bad booze and Twinkies and going off to baptize someone in the margarita pool. I loved doing it. He said I had great hits and was very on point, but I don’t think he liked the concept of another Jesus relative-said it was too complicated and I should have just had Jesus as a party boy or had him have a sister in biblical times or something like that. (Sigh.)

He then had us write down “the weirdest idea you can think of,” which somehow froze me up and I could not think of a damn thing weird. YEAH, OF ALL THE THINGS TO HAVE HAPPEN TO ME THERE, RIGHT?

We watched this sketch and had to discuss how they executed it.

This week’s homework: write a premise sketch where the whole universe is unusual, all unusual characters are supporting the pattern and believing in it.

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