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Getting the Boot

2006-09-20, 9:36 a.m.

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Now that I've written the fun stuff, I must go back to the inevitable "what comes up, must come down" part.

Mom went to the nursing home in Alameda on Friday.

She said, "You are REALLY NOT going to like this place." Oh joy. She knows I loathe nursing homes already, and I gather she told the lady she was talking to this. The lady said, "Oh, I'll talk to her." I said, "Talking's not going to help me not get grossed out at a nursing home." I gather it is one of those places where you walk in and everyone's in wheelchairs staring catatonically at the television- and you get to walk way far into the place to get to where they will warehouse Dad. Joy. Suddenly I miss the hospital.

Once the hundred days of insurance are done with, it will cost $24,000 a month. Oh, and you get to pay double rent the first month for the deposit. I do not know how she is going to pay for that. I just hope he doesn't live that long.

The official news is that by hell or high water, Dad will be moved into the crappier nursing home TOMORROW, because they just can't wait one day longer once they are allowed to boot him out. (Around an eclipse, which fucking figures.) Nobody would help Mom avoid this fate.

At least Mauricio said he'd be around for the move, so I don't have to cut work and go down there. Yay for that.

Checking the calendar, the 100 days of free would run out around December 28- Happy New Year! I can only hope he doesn't live past that.

I don't think he will, really, but these days, who knows. It often seems like the universe is conspiring to string this along just as slowly and painfully as it possibly can.

I am so sad for Mom. She'll lose all of her friends now.

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