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Florida- Day Eight

2008-09-20, 9:01 a.m.

Went to Kennedy Space Center. Note to anyone going in the future: this really should take 2 days, because the bus tour took up most/all of the day somehow and there's other stuff to see too.

I can't say I understand the technical stuff worth a damn, but it's interesting to look at big rockets. There were two shuttles on the platforms, so we couldn't go over for a closer look. Oh well. We paid extra for the "NASA Up Close" tour- Mom thought it was worth it, I dunno. Maybe it is if you can go see the platforms, but "oh, here's the third largest building in the world, let's drive by it a few times and take pics in front of it" = meh.

Also saw an IMAX 3-D film on what it's like to live on the International Space Station. Actually way cool, though I was annoyed that I couldn't go see anything else but the movie before closing. But they make a big deal about the IMAX, so we went.

(I really, really wish I had the pics from this done. But I haven't even gotten done with the Disney ones yet, so...sigh.)

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