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European Vacation

2003-09-21, 7:38 p.m.

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I spent the weekend mostly at my aunt's house, as my cousin Bill was in town. (He's Matt's dad- I think Matt's mentioned in the long-neglected FAQ somewhere). He's a cool guy, with impressive genius.

I actually had a conversation or two with Alicia about Davis life, which was cool. Too bad we never got around to number exchanging since she moved, but oh well. Found out that Kristen now also wants to be a doctor (Alicia in sports med, Kristen in neurosurgery, oy). Cassie was playing with her adorable rabbits.

We spent most of the time there going through pics and videos of their European vacation (they went to see their old au pair get married and then toured around), which were quite amusing. Uncle Brad is not so great with the camera, tending to film feet and walls, leave the camera on in a bag, take a lot of freeze-frame pics of Cassie making faces, etc. This got big laughs after he left the house.

One thing happened that reminded me of a few 3WA threads. I had gotten NO fucking sleep, essentially, all night, which was about the only reason that I was up to go to breakfast that morning. Alicia and Cassie are down, Kristen showed up later, and Aunt Susie started going off about Kristen "is the one that likes to sleep." In a kinda scornful tone, like how dare she sleep on a Sunday morning when she's not going anywhere! It kind of went on from there. Alicia is the neatnik. Alicia does her own laundry and painstakingly nitpicks and closes every button and flips EVERYTHING inside out whether it needs it or not. Kristen can't do laundry without screwing something up. Etc., etc. Between that and the conversation once again going to "Why Being The Middle Child Sucks," I'm so glad I have no siblings.

In other news, Jeremy and Nikki are now officially over, just not bothering to fill out divorce and custody papers yet. Apparently they're both still homeless and both want custody of the baby. Oh lord, this is going to go SO well...

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