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Florida- Last Day

2008-09-21, 8:10 a.m.

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I will say, Florida at 5 a.m. feels nice and non-freezing outside. I will really miss that. Something I hate about CA is that it's 50 degrees out when I leave the house, 90 degrees by 3 p.m., and 50 again by 7. How do you dress?! That said, it's bizarrely foggy today, like pea soup. Where'd that come from?

Mom had all kinds of screaming Alzheimer's meltdown in the car this morning, it was frightening. Could not figure out anything for shit, even with Garmin on in the car. Adding to the fun, the rental car had no internal lights, and at one point the Garmin (flimsy little suckers) broke all over the car.

She insisted that I buy her a Pooh bear on Friday (I was all, "YOU pack it."), and she had to bring it in the carry-on. She was TALKING TO THE BEAR IN PUBLIC IN THE AIRPORT. She has now become the Crazy Bear Lady. The people next to us were freaked out.

Oh, and then there was security, where she:
(a) threw a fit when I threw out her precious water bottle right before we hit security.
(b) insisted on going through the "Expert Traveler" security gate. She ain't one.
(c) forgot to take off her shoes in the Expert Traveler gate.
(d) lost a shoe.

Suffice it to say I did NOT want to spend any damn more time with her. Luckily she stayed mostly quiet on the planes. We also got a layover in Denver, so I got the time to do some book and jewelry shopping. Nice airport.

Eventually got home. Then spent the next week tired and kinda sick with post-trip crud. And now all I do is Photoshop pics :P

And that's it for both my vacation entries and Holidailies. Sigh. And just as I was going to get around to posting NYR's tomorrow....hah.

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