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Home in the Rain

2013-09-21, 2:23 p.m.

I was going to go to an all day outdoor hippie event today. BUT IT IS FUCKING POURING RAIN out, and as far as I could tell from their website, they did not have any kind of rain plan. So I am at home, taking up watching the TV show Arrow due to reading this essay about Felicity Smoak.

People give me crap for not wanting to live in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Portland, etc., but honestly, I can't stand the gray days all the time. Today is utterly gray (and windy, and soaking wet) and I have NO ENERGY whatsoever. Like I woke up around 8 and went back to bed at 11 and still haven't gotten dressed yet by 2 because just looking outside makes me that tired. It's freaking ridiculous. I'd be bouncing around outside if it was sunny today, but...ugh!!! I should be cleaning house or something--which I always say I'm going to do on days like this...but I first need the energy to get off the fucking couch or bed. Or to make lunch, for that matter. Still haven't done that.

(And yet, here I am typing....but I can do that in my sleep at this point. Kinda am.)

Anyhoo: I am going to do a writeup of the very amusing concert I went to the other night--with incredibly crappy pictures, probably-- but I'm only about half done with that and the picture sorting, and I want to write down what happened yesterday. It wasn't a super big day or anything--more like the last day where work will be relatively quiet until next week when I spend all week crying and drinking when I get home. But after someone mentioned "raining on Saturday," well....folks have been getting on me to get new windshield wipers before the rain hits. And mine were genuinely bad and streaking at this point. But I was going to wait around until I found someone to help me deal with that. Except uh, if it's raining TOMORROW I can't, so.... I ended up going to the auto parts store and getting some and having the guy put them on for me. WHEW. Adult thing managed! I then went to the grocery store and Target to use my gift certificates on the new Janelle Monae album (note: four bonus songs if you get it there), leggings, and a book. It's kind of sad that in our day and age three items = 50$-ish, but hey, free money,eh. I was really enjoying the ability to just drive around and do these things, even if the weather was already starting to get bad.

However...I had to drive home during the worst part of sun-hitting-you-in-the-eyes-ness. I wanted to turn right at one point but couldn't see what street I was turning on and did a spectacular skid to make the turn...I am probably lucky I survived, it was dry, nobody out there to hit, etc. But the most annoying thing on that moment was I didn't even get the street right. I had turned into some random cul-de-sac. Grr. So much for trying to not drive west. And then later on I was trying to make a left turn...and honestly, I could have hit a kid because I COULD NOT SEE HIM crossing the street. Beats me where he came from because he wasn't on the curb when I got to the intersection, he came outta nowhere.

I like to think of myself as a prudent driver. But....I will randomly do something completely and utterly erratic and stupid out of the blue. Semi-frequently. I don't want to be a crazy idiot driver...but somehow it JUST HAPPENS and fuck if I know how I am suddenly balls deep into the driving crazy, thinking it's okay to do a dramatic skid because hey, I survived. That kind of shit will get me or someone else or both killed if I keep it up.

Maybe it's a good thing I am NOT doing my planned driving trip today, eh?

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