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2018-09-21, 10:35 a.m.

Ever since I got kinda robbed (but hey, at least it wasn’t inside your house), I have been having...a knot in my back developed, basically. It was getting more and more excruciating, to the point where I was making an appointment for a massage online at 11 p.m.

That would have been a whoooooole lot worse of a sentence had I been a dude. Anyway.

So I got a deep tissue massage to get rid of it. Deep tissue massages are not relaxing, folks. More like, heavy digging into your body to try to get it to loosen up. I needed to have it done but it wasn’t the most fun ever. I was still pretty sore the rest of the day when I went to Dawn’s house to watch a Harry Potter library show, went to bed early (slept somewhat better) and was still rather sore this morning. It’s starting to get a lot better now, thank goodness, and the knot is tamed.

I assume this was a combination of shock/stress from the robbery and then well, going back to work and having the same old shit going on, even though this is a “quiet” week. My boss said he really appreciated how I time my vacations to be during the least busy times of the year, so he didn’t have to do that much to cover for it. I did manage to get through two weeks of e-mail in one day, which is flabbergasting because usually if I’m out for a day I have to spend a day and a half catching up. I do have 500+ things to have to do though, sigh. I am having yet another situation along these lines going on yet again (extra bonus: international!), but at this point it’s up to the higher-ups to fix because I sure can’t. Today was the last day before the kid’s deadline and yet nothing went down about it, so....OH WELL.

One of my coworkers who has been sitting at my old desk--well, most of her job is now at the front counter these days so she’s only at the old desk for about 3 hours a day. She told me this week she’s moving all her stuff to the front counter all the time, and I stupidly got up hopes that I could move back in there, since most of the time when I ask I get “oh, there’s no room, we’re going to hire someone.” And I know for a fact they’re not supposed to be doing that. So I stupidly got my hopes up that I could ask for a fifth time to get moved out of the shark tank. Then I asked my buddy in there if she’d be fine with me moving back and she kind of made a bit of a face and said she had heard they were moving someone else in there.

I don’t think that coworker is inclined to lie given that uh, she’s rather religious, but I was all “wtf, who the hell else would they put in there?” Theoretically they are trying to hire again, but that person would be in the call center. I don’t know if that’s rumor mill or BS or that I’m so awful she doesn’t want me back in there, but...I kept my mouth shut and didn’t ask.

I knew I’d just get another no anyway. God forbid I be separated from my "team."

In other news, I saw As You Like It tonight. Otherwise known as "the one where they go glamping in the woods," seriously, that was a theme. Everyone goes to camp out in the woods and the lead, Rosalind, dresses up as a guy for safety reasons. The actress in the role obviously has a short pixie cut hairdo in her bio photo, but almost every time I've seen her in shows they have her have a wig on. The girl must have quite a stash of wigs. Anyway, for this role obviously she could go without a wig for awhile, so with the short hair, combined with an outfit I could have easily seen Kurt wearing on Glee, well, she's pretty boy-ish compared to the usual Shakespearian girls in drag. By the time she had to go back to being Rosalind in public again, they had her wear...a white jumpsuit that probably would have gone well on ABBA in the 70's. That was odd.

They did have some fun with some kind of "imagination spot" staging in the middle of the stage that would light up and/or blow smoke periodically while someone acted out whatever someone was saying about them. That was pretty funny.

I continue to wonder what kind of mindfuckery was going on in Orlando's head that he somehow goes along with calling a "boy" "Rosalind" and acting as such all the time. I don't even know what to make of that sort of thing in this day and age.

I probably should not have dragged myself to opening night because my neck was still feeling weird/off and I was starting to get sleepy, which is awkward when you are in row 2. It also seems kind of long when I have to watch Touchstone the fool do uh, whatever he's doing.

So, not my favorite play for plot, but they put it on well.

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