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Up A Mountain In A Pool

2019-09-21, 11:08 p.m.

Happy 21st of September, y’all! Not that I found this until the end of the night.

My day started out with my mom continuing to lose her shit about my hair. I had to rewash it. Have her blow dry it. Have her attack it with combs and some supposed blow drier/curler combo. And then curl it with curlers. While being lectured about how if I knew my hair was so bad, why didn’t I put it in a ponytail or something? And then she tried to turn it into a lecture on boys, I think. Or at least when I said something like, “Look, I know my hair wasn’t great, but I’m on vacation and other than the folks in the house, I literally knew nobody I was seeing that day so WHO THE HELL CARES?” she started asking me about what I go for in guys and then tried to turn it into ... well, what if you meet someone in SD wasn’t going to work as an argument, and...yeah, this went ridiculous about how fucking traumatized she was about me having frizzy hair yesterday. I had to be lectured about how I have to be good looking at all times (at 3 a.m.?! I said), so she did amend it to “whenever you leave the house.” Good lord.

Also she swore up and down that she handed me the bottle of whatever hair substance she bought last night and I said no, you didn't, and was proven right when it turned up in some random bag in her room. I demanded an apology.

I finally heard back from Cameron and she wants in, so I bought seven theater tickets and then had to run out the door.

Anyway, today’s plan was to drive up a mountain to go to a party at English Pat’s son’s house, which was very nice but very Up A Mountain. It was fancy and had an infinity pool. I have now met 3 out of 4 of the kids, some in--laws and a few grandkids, who were all very nice, though one kid is apparently an American hikkomori. Man, my mom would kill me if i hid out all day and night in the house on my computer when relatives were over. I went in the pool with English Pat and enjoyed the Jacuzzi. I still find it funny how I can hit it off with pretty much anyone else’s family except my immediate family. Sigh. If I lived around here I bet I could get adopted...

Today’s synchronicity: a license plate saying “1NELUV7” that drove away before I could photograph it.

After that, we went to the nearest Irish pub and met our Irish server, Carla, who said she doesn’t have a whole lot of friends here and while someone every day says they love her accent, it also seems to annoy/drive off folks. Which sounds terrible and she was so nice, she didn’t deserve that. I hope she finds some nice folks here.

I did hear from/talked to Robert later, saying that Janene will probably not go but he will find someone else to go (he was hoping for Redhead Sarah, assuming she can get daycare). So that’s nice. I am also now confused on the carpooling because while I assumed Cameron would want to drive herself and she is, I figured it was likely that Blonde Sarah was going to drive herself because she lives the closest to the theater compared to the rest of us. That leaves five going in my car but I figured Jean was 50/50 going to want to go with her kid even though she and I live in the same town. Then Robert was all, I’m going to go with Jean and I wasn’t super thinking clearly at this point on juggling all the shit but in retrospect now I am all, wait, whaaaat? I thought this whole carpool thing was that so all y’all living farther off from the Sac area didn’t have to go as far....why do we have 3-4 cars going, who’s left in my car....?

I can’t even figure this shit out right now, let’s worry about it later next week.

I probably should have asked Robert if he heard about Coney Island or not, but I forgot. I haven’t heard yet but I assume I’m not getting it anyway so rejection isn’t gonna be a shock here if I’m ever notified of it. Probably won’t even answer the phone since other than Robert (who called while I was up a mountain in a pool) I have been getting a lot of strange spam calls while here from random zip codes I assume are from around here, and if they don’t leave a message, I am not bothering with them.

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