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"I Have No Desire To Leave My Bedroom"

2020-09-21, 8:40 p.m.

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10 Questions: Describe an event in the world that has impacted you this year. How? Why? Coronavirus! Literally we can't answer with anything else but this! Now I live in jail, I'm agoraphobic, my hopes of ever having a love life or any kind of life again are dead in the water, I live in fear, and everyone could die horribly or be disabled for life due to this. I haven't even had anything REALLY bad happen to me yet and I'm insane and damaged.

Supplemental Question: Have you been recording your thoughts and experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, how? Yes, I have a online journal which is now all pandemic, all the time. Whee!

30 Day Future Self today points out that most people would rather be certain about their future even if it's miserable rather than be miserable and uncertain. Very true for me, at least. He wants you to commit to your future self and uncommit from your current self.

Challenge: -Are you ready to pass your point of no return? -What must you do to initiate that point of no return? -Are you serious about becoming your future self?, I'm not ready, I don't know, and I'm not serious about it. I never have been. Might as well quit right now, eh?

Work didn't fry me today, whee! We had More Technical Issues for the entire office, as we all got locked out of our drives and were told we had to call tech support for help. So I caved in, did that, read a book for 45 minutes and the tech guy couldn't fix it, so...that didn't get fixed all day. OH WELL. I also found out that the Important Documents that were supposed to come in the mail last week at the giant org's PO, well...hadn't. The in-office coworkers went by the PO before the morning meeting and the PO said they didn't have any. To which I was all, HERE ARE THE TRACKING NUMBERS, but they said the giant box had been left on a dock and they didn't bother to get anyone to even sign for. They were found by the end of the day. We will see how the mailing goes. I have been arguing that those in the office should be given access to print the labels when there will be over 100 of them to have to deal with and it's just a lot worse than having me print a few by proxy once in awhile, but it sounds like in between 9 a.m. when they were in favor of it and 4 p.m. that they've decided to just make me hit the button 100+ times instead. (FFS.)

We also had to deal with the other emergency situation today, but it went pretty well. I still don't get the hard ones, but I managed to train Kelly on the new ones. While we were waiting around for our boss to get back to the hard ones, I found out that she got back together with an ex-boyfriend during the pandemic--they broke up due to long distance/workaholic job issues for him, and now he's got a job in her town so he can move in. Huzzah!

From the morning meeting:

Lioness: "The world is a very interesting place. I have no desire to leave my bedroom." Her husband fell down on his motorcycle, her daughter is still sick and lost her job, and "I was begging for yesterday to be over," "If I didn't have bad luck, I would have no luck at all," and "I just cannot wait for 2021."

Penguin Girl went to go see Tenet and hopes nobody judges her for doing so. (No comment.) "I did not make this decision lightly," and "I felt like I was going to Disneyland." This is saying something for her.

The boss went to Napa and ate inside a restaurant.

I met with Eva during lunch and I think we had a good time griping about work, as we have some similar issues (i.e. unimpressed by giant org's career counselor and ombudsmen, not a lot of options in our field). I applied in her unit years ago and she thinks it's a trap to get into being hired there, so I guess I don't feel so bad on missing that. I don't know if we'll ever do it again since she said "I'll email you," which could be polite brushoff, I dunno. She likes problem solving and well, my problem is unsolvable short of death or firing. Ah well, oh well. If it happens, it happens.

Today's air was in the "unhealthy for sensitive groups" category today, which said was perfectly fine for exercise for those of us without lung issues. So I walked around for an hour plus today outside (Reggie asked why I just don't walk around the block and I said nope, not up for that, this is doing really well for me*) and I dunno if that was the best idea since I feel a wee bit coughy right now but otherwise fine. I think even walking around at very short distance might have been too much oxygenating outside, I guess? I just decided I was going to be out while it was safe and not frozen and not totally smoky, so I went for it. Maybe shouldn't have.

* Also, Mom called after I was done while wandering the streets, walking next to people and clearly not wearing her mask....and saying that they were having the neighbors over. Sigh.

I attempted my satire writing list tonight. It's still not very good, but oh well, whatever.

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