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Just Hanging in SoCal

2019-09-23, 7:32 p.m.


Not much to say about today. We hung out with English Pat and went to the old town area of Temecula and tooled around the shops and hung out at the pub watching an adorable 7-week-old puppy named Oreo. I bought Mom (at her request) a stuffed puppy purse after that. I also hung around a hippie garden shop. After that, I insisted that we go by a hippie store I saw on the way over, where I got two dresses and a book. I wish I could have spent more time there without an impatient audience who really had to pee, but what can you do.

In the morning before we went out, Mom brought up the story of when I was a kid and, well... From my point of view, I had already ordered chicken strips and clam chowder at dinner, and the chowder bowl turned out to be huge, so I was already full by the time the chicken strips came. And then they tasted terrible, but my parents forced me to still eat the damn things anyway. They were two HUGE strips. Finally after 1.5 strips, Mom tried one, and soon after that told me I could stop. They waited until we were out of the restaurant to tell me I’d been served fish sticks instead. I also mentioned the time where I got really bad tasting Sprite in a restaurant and again, my parents didn’t believe me until the waitress came by and said I’d been given a vodka Collins by mistake (yes, of course I was underage). I was all, why didn’t you believe me? and her response was “You’re a kid, who believes you?” She thought it was a joke. That explains a lot.


I was supposed to meet my ex-boss for lunch, but he canceled around 9 a.m. because a giant dumpster fire had broken out at work. Which figures. Sigh. Oh well. So instead Mom and I went to Coronado and had a fancy chicken n’ waffles lunch at the Hotel del Coronado. I have never had this as a combination before and have been baffled at the idea of such restaurants, but they actually stacked the chicken on the waffle and it was quite good. Go figure. Less good was bathing the watermelon water. There was a gelato truck at Food Truck Fridays that had watermelon mint gelato and I thought that sounded awful, and sure ‘nuff, it was!

I did get to go to the beach for about two minutes. Alas, Mom is Not A Beach Person. Sigh. Also a creepy guy was staring at me, so there you go.

After that, we went to Seaport Village and just bought random souvenirs, like hair clips and nail polish that change color in the sun* and my name in lights. Then we went back and packed to go back home. Whee.

* hair clips and keychain work as advertised, so far I have not seen the nail polish do this though.

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