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Promise Rings and Psychologists

2003-09-24, 9:07 p.m.

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I have decided to try drawing a rune for each day, since I made myself a rune set out of clay and all. A bit easier than tarot each day at this point.

Today's rune: gebo (gift, harmony, good karma, etc.). This means that I should get some kind of gift today. Hmmm.

Last night, I found one of those salary/moving calculator sites, and roughly speaking, within a hundred dollars, it'd be about five thousand less for me to live in Vegas or Oregon, and the same as here to live in Seattle or Arizona. Not bad. Course, that assumes that I get a job that pays the same there, and who knows if I could. But not bad.

I got a response from the study, and well, I don't know if I can do it. They want me to go in for 2-4 hours a session most of the time, which means that I'd be missing about 10 hours of work within 21 days. I guess I could take vacation time to do it, I have a little bit to spare assuming I don't get sick, but I dunno if it's worth it or not to do that. We had a meeting today at work and after my coworker asked if he could take a day off after his other job goes all during the weekend and she said fine, I actually got up the nerve to ask. I don't much like discussing personal shit at work of that nature, and I did feel kind of lame. I got the feeling she thought it was a little nuts, but if I want to do it, what the hell. Course, that depends on if I'm still eligible after they give me the phone quiz and whatnot.

I had a dream about one of my old coworkers last night, something weird. This was followed up, sorta, in my daily life when I saw my ex-boss at convocation (it's an hour off plus free food). I ducked out fast, since the last time I'd seen her I'd been caught with both a boyfriend and Bitch magazine in my arms and I felt kinda weird about that.

The bathroom got more redone today- the guy was home when I got back, and the front door was open this time. Hey, at least it was open when someone was in the house. Half of the bathroom has been redone- the tub itself is a mess, but there's a new shell around it, and that half of the room has been repainted. (I don't know why he didn't repaint the other side of the wall that now has odd paint splatters on it, but whatever...) The dude said he didn't know when he was coming back, which is kind of worrying... I guess it has to dry for awhile though.

Tres scandale in my family today- Alicia's boyfriend Travis was hanging out with Uncle Brad today and told him that he wanted to give Alicia a promise ring. Which, I guess, has some kind of diamond in it. While Uncle Brad hemmed and hawed about how Alicia has other things in life to do and all of that, Aunt Susie apparently decided to call Alicia and spill the beans and tell her to break up with him for being too serious. Alicia, being a sensible girl, responds to this with "Uh, I wasn't going to say yes anyway." Meanwhile, apparently her sister Kristen is going around saying, "I thought Travis was gay. He makes gay gestures." Oy.

Kristen was also griping to my mom about how she'd never get a boyfriend while playing Miss Match for all her friends. I told Mom to tell her next time that if I can get a boyfriend, then so can she eventually.

Mom was not in a happy mood when she called- feeling upset that she doesn't have any friends that she can talk to when she feels bad and that all of hers are shallow and flaky. Boy, do I know that one. She seems to think she was a bad role model for me in the friendship-making department. I told her she should go to a shrink, because they're paid to listen to you and care about your problems once a week, which is a lot better than she's doing now.

She told me that she'd gotten insulted by the stress management group leader she went to because the leader told her she was being overwhelmed by her e-mails and not to send any any more. Mom was all pissed off back. This uh, raised an eyebrow with me.

"You were sending her a lot of stuff? Shrinks don't like that, they want to only talk to you once a week."

"She said we could ask questions."

"What were you asking her?"

"I was sending her cute little stuff."

"Forwards, Mom?"


Ah, THAT's where you went wrong! Can't blame her! I then had to explain to her that sending on every single cute thing you're sent to a generic list of fifty people, ten times a day, is no longer cool on the Internet, especially when everyone's seen them all before and doesn't want to forward that chain letter on. She took it pretty well, and maybe I'll get less crap in the mail.

While she was also in this mood, she asked me if she smothered me. I said well, yes, that it seems like short of moving home I can't give her enough attention. She didn't comment on that, but after I told her that she always made Sundays hell like she was punishing me for leaving again, she seemed to finally understand. Hopefully she'll cool it on Sundays.

Meanwhile in Dave's life, chaos has abounded. Ashley was in the hospital for blood clots, then came home today to find out that she'd been robbed. Her brother did some kind of defacing stuff to boot. And the aforementioned Diana from yesterday is now suicidal and asking Dave to come up to babysit her and make sure she doesn't kill herself while her fiance's not there.

OY. *groan*

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