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2003-09-25, 11:10 p.m.

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I had the phone interview for the study today, and... It's not going to happen. Because if I did do the study, I would not be allowed to leave the Davis area for a whopping five weeks. No Apple Hill, no parents' house, no visiting Dave. And I was not too cool with that. That's too much restriction for too long of a time, during Birthday Season (Oct-Dec), and not being able to travel in November at all other than Thanksgiving is very bad.

I am starting to wonder if I made the right decision- couldn't I be a heartless bitch for five weeks and stay home and have no fun for that much money? I do need it. But it probably would be very bad if I did.

And besides, I'd have to walk to the lab (busses not starting that early) at 6:30 a.m. In the cold. Been there, done that, suffered enough!

There's always gotta be some bad news in a day: Dave's gonna need $8000 worth of dental work. (Yes, he has dental but no medical insurance- that's $8000 AFTER insurance). The money hole never ends.

After that, Dave's dentist decided he was too thin and pale ("Did you tell him you always look like that?" I said) and called Dave's doctor and now won't do anything on him without a doctor's signoff. Oy.

The news on campus is filled with budget cuts. Small numbers of people getting laid off this year, but next...ouch. NO increases in funds to deal with larger numbers of students. Twenty percent cuts on top of that. So far they won't allow us to cut more students coming. I'd better not count on a job for next year. At least I seem to be safe for this one.

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