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Drinking Out Of The Bottle

2020-09-25, 9:08 p.m.

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Not only did I sleep for almost nine hours straight, I had a dream in which I found out my mom went to the East Coast for a year when I was three and secretly had a baby with someone else that was put up for adoption. (And somehow I found this out while hanging out at the Whole Earth Festival, to the point where I was all "I forgot Whole Earth was going on!") I think it was a boy. I was delighted and was all "I bet sometime that kid crops up on Ancestry DNA!" Now, that's not something that was likely to have ever happened IRL. I'm an only child for a lot of medical reasons and I think we'd goddamned know if my mom had tried to produce another child. And I am just fine with being an only child, thanks. But somehow I think the idea of coming up with secret relatives through AncestryDNA is a hoot*, probably because it's so unlikely. Anyway, it was a deeply amusing dream for me to have, and for once I am actually rested on a workday! I even slept until the alarm went off.

* note: so far the only time I've ever of this happening to anyone I know IRL is Scott saying they discovered a long lost cousin who was put up for adoption that way, and the kid apparently did a lot better with being adopted than if she'd grown up with the bioparent.

And I can say that showing my crafts at Share Day went well, people were pleased and happy and Penguin Girl in particular wants....something*, she hasn't decided what yet, told her to get back to me. I did talk to another person on the Baby Yoda list (another coworker), but she is in SoCal right now and said she totally understood about my not wanting to mail stuff, so we'll revisit that if she comes back here or if her roommate comes back. She said they are being super careful, which is impressive in a girl that's around 22 or so? Good job.

*"Another penguin?" someone said.

Unfortunately, I ended up feeling fried all day, between (a) having ridiculous technical difficulties doing very easy things that should not have been this hard (my boss agreed, then figured out a loophole), (b) being asked things I can't get done because access to our drives is STILL broken today so I CAN'T do anything further and YES I know you want your thing right now but I CAN'T because I need my drives back to do it, (c) being asked to do shit on an emergency basis that forced me to have to sit and wait by the computer, blah blah blah.

Other fun bonus issues: (d) Some girl who has lost her Important Document in the mail twice and wants it a third time. I noticed that uh, the address she submitted a third time is different from the last time she submitted one. I'll approximate the change as this: First time: Send it to 101 A Street, Apt 122A. Second time: Send it to 201 A Street, Apt. 1122A. I Googled for said address to see if it was valid (the first one at least matched a apartment complex) and the second address, 201, appears to be the address of a CrossFit gym. I can't even figure out from Google if apartments are located at the CrossFit, but I kind of assume not. Arrrgggggghhhhhhhh. I told her to go proofread her address again to make SURE it is correct, which was tricksy because for stupid reasons, I'm not allowed to disclose addresses to anyone, so I had to be extremely cagey as to trying to point out what was wrong. Like "your first building number is off by a hundred, and you had 3 digits in your apartment number the first time and 4 in it the second time,"

(e) I forgot to mention this one from yesterday, but some girl sent me her entire life sob story--she grew up hard and poor but ACCOMPLISHED, dammit! and also, her grandmother is deaf and stubborn and refuses to accept her Important Document as being what it is--so can she get three copies of it, please, showing each accomplishment individually instead of all on one document? To which I was all "...I don't even know ... " and threw up my hands and hit forward to my boss. Let someone else with authority figure out if they want to allow that particular request based on "But I really want it!" and "My grandma!," especially since that's like 3x the expense to us.

I briefly saw Reggie outside during a break and then he knocked on my door later (why????) while everything was on fire, and later after work was done I was all, dude, I was getting tons of emergency messaging at work. I don't got time for that shit. I got drunk after work and it was glorious. Reggie wanted a taste (me: "No, I've been drinking directly out of the bottle. " He expressed concerns about me drinking the whole bottle and I was all, don't care!...but really I just drank about an inch out of it.). He has relapsed into smoking and asked if it was okay to do it outside and I said I'd rather he not but I'll just go inside, and he said he'd do it elsewhere.

I got drunk and watched "Father Of The Bride, Part 3(Ish)" instead. It was pretty good, actually, for what that was. Kieran Culkin elopes with his doctor girlfriend over Zoom. I like the new casting of the babies from the last show, they were funny.

After that, I went to go watch a Crowdcast interview between Elizabeth Lesser and Sally Field. Elizabeth has written a book called "Cassandra Speaks: When Women Are the Storytellers, the Human Story Changes." You know what I think about the Cassandra myth? It wasn't a curse. Nobody believed her because she was a woman, period. Cassandra was the wrong messenger to communicate the message in order to get people to listen to it. If Cassandra had managed to convince some dude to say what she saw (though given the curse thing, maybe that wasn't doable), maybe people might have listened.

"I look at Eve as the first grownup," Elizabeth said. Women just aren't believed because we are women, you know? Sally brings up Larry Nassar, 'nuff said. At one point, Sally straight up says she needs to go run off and get her power cord to go plug in the computer, so can Elizabeth go talk by herself about power for awhile? Elizabeth talked about the leader of New Zealand getting as much info as she could get from others before making a decision, huzzah. "Do no harm, but take no shit. This is not a Buddhist term, actually." -Elizabeth "There are some people who won't change. There are some people who won't listen. You will just have to end friendships."

10 Questions: 8. Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in the coming year? I feel weird about this and don't really want to answer it? See below. Supplemental Question: s there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic? I assume I will read every single medical article ever from now on.

30 Days Thing, Day 11: this was going on about your "Achilles Heel," which was stuff like "eating sugar" or "caffeine." God, I just don't care. Challenge: -What is your Achilles' Heel? I dunno. Or care, really. -What would you future self be like if you removed that Achilles' Heel forever? I don't know. -Are you ready to cross your point of no return on this matter? No.

Yeah, clearly I am getting over this whole idea.

I spent $100 ordering TP, toothpaste, mouthwash, candy (uh-huh), Excedrin, Brita filters, and a Baby Yoda Bop-it from Target. Happy Halloween!

I got angsty.

Redhead Sarah sent me an audition announcement she saw online. I emailed.

I tried texting Scott, it didn't go well again. He had nothing to say, I really didn't have much to say except about work, he was clearly bored, I was clearly bored, mutually gave up after about a half hour. Blech. I hate this. Not trying again the rest of this week. God, I just can't figure out how to connect with anyone any more.

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