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2003-09-26, 11:13 p.m.

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I keep meaning to go into this, and yet haven't, so I think I'll collect them all into one entry.

* Las Vegas: I thought it was cool, especially given my Vegas envy these days. I loved the opening driving down the Strip (though that was a LOT faster driving down the Strip than I got to do, ever. Don't you just love film). I rather like, Danny on this show, he's cute and good with the snark. I saw a lot of complaints about the voiceovers, and I wasn't too bothered- it is a pilot, after all- though yeah, a little less repetition about his bad day. His new uh, girlfriend, Delinda, gives off nasty bad vibes (attacking the guy in front of Daddy, how evil are you? He was literally trying to SHOVE her off him!) and I don't know why she gets to be a regular, but I think this show has potential otherwise. Too bad NBC gets crapass reception at my house, would have been nice to see things minus the static.

* Hope and Faith: Saw this while home with the parents, and oh, my, god, it is bad. Now, I normally love Kelly Ripa. I was a big All My Children watcher, and loved her from the moment she showed up on the show as a teenager in an Elvira wig. She was excellent on that show, both funny and serious. According to my mother, she saw an interview with Kelly one time in which she said she sucked as an actress when she started on the show.

Frankly, she was not remotely as bad in that scene as she was during this entire show. She was HORRIBLE. She went beyond mugging for the camera into SUPERmugging. Waaaay too fake. Waaaay too bad. You'd think an actual ex-soap star would know how to pretend to be one, but man. Horrid, horrid, she acted like the fifteen-year-old teenager. She was more upset about the teenager not getting to go to the dance than the teenager was!

As for Faith Ford, she was better. Though I felt sorry for her playing SUCH a prude ("I'm a mother!" she shrieks upon being shown sexy lingerie. Uh, how'd you get that way three times, then?), SUCH a good girl ("We're eating healthy!" and dumping ketchup all over the sugary gloppy rolls), such a well, boring stereotype, she had some edge and snark to her on occasion.

Yeah, sitcom is NOT a good match for Kelly Ripa. And what on earth were they thinking to (a) cast Faith Ford, (b) in "Hope and Faith", and (c) name her Hope? Doesn't that confuse the fuck out of everyone on set?

* Miss Match: I loved this show. I adore the movie Clueless, and this was a lot like a less ditzy "Clueless 2: In Which Cher Becomes A Lawyer And Takes Up Matchmaking." Which, if you think about it, is pretty much what Cher was likely to do once she got out of school, since she loved to argue and was surrounded by lawyers in the family, plus got a kick out of matchmaking. I don't think she would have gone into divorce law, though- probably environmental with Josh.

Anyway... this is quite cute. Kate is a cheerful divorce lawyer who seems to manage to inadvertently set people up, but consciously doing so is a bit more difficult. Especially when she spots a girl perfect for a nerdy-yet-nice guy she's working on, but (a) she just got divorced, and (b) Kate was the ex-husband's lawyer. She also gets to work with a picky chick, has to talk a client into not signing a nasty prenup about her weight, argues with daddy, and dumps her boyfriend. You go, girl.

It's going to be hard for me to watch this show because it's on Fridays at eight (I am never home then), but I'll attempt to give taping it a try. It was fun.

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