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Secret Karaoke Show

2019-09-26, 5:56 p.m.

Work continued to be effing crazy, including finding out that some CEO of a business we use wants to meet with us all in another week, and gee, he just can’t get BigBoss to respond to his emails and can we help? have as good of odds as I do, I don’t even see the woman much. I also don’t think she actually wants to since she’s not a fan of the company. Lord knows I just do not have time for Mr. CEO to come and visit and I don’t wanna deal with it either, and I am sure that the higher-ups wouldn’t think I should meet with them alone because I am blunt and not politic. However, I can neither say yes if I wanted to (which I don’t) or no if I wanted to, because that is for higher-ups to deal with and decide, not me. Sigh. All I can do is hit “forward.”

But after work, I went to a TnT reunion party of sorts. Jean wanted to go to the karaoke bar (on non-karaoke night) to see a band she likes. While those in the play could not go, we got some folks who don’t normally come to stuff--Ana and Greg and Nancy and Steve. So I had fun hanging out with them. I talked about the 10-minute play competition with Ana because she’s co-running that and said they have a lot of entries, and she said they could probably hook people up with directors if they don’t want to direct. I would like to do it if I can come up with the right idea, but who knows. They also talked about international trips (well, I had nothing to add there), some bar that closes at 7 p.m. and why the heck would anyone do that, other local stuff, that Formerly The Only Blonde Sarah* is now in a Rocky Horror show in Roseville that takes place in a speakeasy in a few weeks, shows in general and who’s in CIC or not (Greg asked, “Handsome Scott?” and I really wanted to crack up thinking of how he’d react if he’d heard that...but yeah, totally.), I forget whatall else.

*see below....gonna have to change this.

During this, I got a text from Robert saying there was a secret karaoke show on tonight, do I want in? While I waited to hear back from him about that after he got out of rehearsal, I still hung out at the bar even after everyone left at 8:30. There was this other lady that was a friend of Jean’s (Lindsay) that said she’d stay until the set was over, so I moved over to sit with her, and it turns out that we have another mutual friend in common, Meg! She used to live a house down from her and gave Meg her canaries and I told her all the drama that went down with THOSE. We also both do spinning, so we had a fun chat for a half hour.

The secret karaoke show was at a theater I hadn’t heard of before. I’m unclear if the place is actually open or not, it sounds like the whole situation is in flux. But Matthew is their tech person working there, so he had access to the place and heeeeeeeeeeey, let’s party! It was a really cute and nice one, I have to say. There were a few folks I didn’t know who weren’t really there for long, Karaoke Jim and his family, and our core karaoke 5 group. Of course our group stayed the latest, and by that I mean “till about 1:45 in the morning.”

I mentioned before that Redhead Sarah wanted to go back to blonde. Well, she has actually succeeded in this, so now I gotta somehow redo all the names again. She is also getting random texts from someone in Spanish and finding “buckets of dead bats” at her work, who the hell knows where THOSE are coming from. Chaos magneting going off again. I told her about buying my new fan and it comes with a pamphlet of warnings about how not to set your fan on fire and she was all, this is a thing we have to worry about now?! No shit.

When I got there, I went up to the sound booth to say hi to Matthew and then the step down to the booth was a LOT deeper than I expected it to be, so I tripped and fell all over him. I could tell that I’d slightly sprained/bruised my right foot and bruised my elbow, but at the time it was no big deal. I was actually dancing around on the stage during the instrumental interludes and doing ballet and stuff, which was fun until the NEXT injury and then I had to back off a bit. I somehow did something to my left hip, which wasn’t fun either. Karaoke injuries, really? I hope Matthew’s not as banged up as I am from landing on him.

Matthew gave us a tour of the place, from basement to literally on the roof, disturbing all the pigeons. There are various odd construction-y things in the place and in one location, an ugly clown doll. We went into the green room (more of a “black room” with the fancy black decor) and found Valentine’s Day napkins in there--another synchronicity there. I thought I saw someone on the security cameras, so it’s probably a ghost!

Matthew has other ideas for parties, including doing it outdoors (on a good weather day, I pointed out) and throwing a “do-over prom.” I was all, I AM IN FOR THAT. Any excuse to dress up.

We were encouraged to do things we might not normally do at karaoke-power songs, musicals, gender bending, whatever.

Songs I did:
* Rather Be
* I Feel The Earth Move, which turned out to not go so well because I guess I only know the chorus of this despite having seen the musical. Oops.
* Power of Love
* Just Dance (got a request for “Flashdance” from Matthew but I don’t know that one so did this instead)
* Addicted to Love
* If You Could Read My Mind (sitting down because at this point I was injured enough)
* To The Moon And Back

I think I did pretty well at gender bender tonight, so yay. I also got to go on stage if I wanted (he has wireless mikes) so I would do it there, and then dance around while instrumental breaks were going on. I totally get why “singers” who dance in shows are lip-syncing now, because oh yeah, where’s my breath? Also did something random to my hip during one of those.

Other memorable moments:
(a) Jim doing “Dreamweaver”
(b) Ashley doing “Part Of Your World”
(c) Numbers from Les Miz, Grease, Little Shop and Rocky Horror (Scott made that one even dirtier). And a few Christmas numbers.
(d) I forget exactly what song Scott was doing at the time (“Life In The Fast Lane,” maybe?) but Matthew decided to DRIVE HIS MOTORCYCLE UP during the middle of the number. Hilarious.

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