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2019-09-27, 5:58 p.m.

I didn’t sleep for shit again. That’s a surprise to no one whenever I do late night karaoke, mind you, but this time starting around 2 a.m. I was pretty well in pain between my foot and my hip. I tried to “sleep” with an ice pack but just could not position any of that right all night. I seriously debated calling in sick to work, but I have way too much workload and there were a few instant problems I HAD to be there for or else, so I went in, but warned my boss I might leave early. She tried to talk me into leaving earlier, but I stuck it out until 4 when the public couldn’t come in any more. But it was bad enough that I actually drove my car to work and didn’t go on the office walk. It started to get better after lunch, but I felt sleepy enough to go home and nap come 4 p.m.

I got an email for rehearsals, which start next week. According to the list, Scott, Jim (as in Touchstone Jim, not Karaoke), and Robert are in, and Cameron as whatever she’s doing to help out. I didn’t recognize any other emails, which makes me wonder if any of our other friends auditioned and/or didn’t get in? Slight sad.

Also, we now have MORE KARAOKE TEXT, as we now have one set up with Matthew, Karaoke Jim, Sarajean, etc. to be notified of secret karaoke parties.

I did have a show to go to tonight, Ranked, which is written by locals and they are heading to NYC after this. It has a similar plot to The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You in that it takes place at a school that constantly ranks the students and then there’s a scandal that forces the ranks to be temporarily eliminated. This one, however, has someone reporting that there’s been a pay for grades situation going on and it turns out to be true. In this school, if you’re below average/at risk, they make you do some kind of rank competition on stage (in togas...I dunno why) to try to boost yourself, but we never see how that fully goes. Of course everyone is snobby like shit about their ranks and loses their minds when ranks are gone.

It features the following:
* Lily, a freshman who’s having a meltdown because she’s now below average
* Alexis, her sister who’s trying to be supportive and having issues with her boyfriend
* Ryan, Alexis’s boyfriend, charming dude who doesn’t exactly know what’s going on
* Sydney, Ryan’s twin, ranked first in the school and don’t you forget it
* John, Lily’s love interest who no longer cares about ranks, and his sister Jordan, who also doesn’t care. Both of them were focused on their ranks while their mother was dying, and now that she’s dead, they have no fucks about that. This has lost Jordan her best friendship with Sydney.

Overall I enjoyed it, though the idea of a ranked school is depressing as shit. This really happens now? Not that I have been to high school in a long time, obviously. Everyone must be out of their minds with depression over it. I know I’d be a loser in that system and I was relatively near the top, if not perfect enough to go to Berkeley or whatever.

They were having technical difficulties (mostly with the lights) and at one point they had to stop the show entirely while the lights were being fixed, which was amusing. The director ran out and announced that, did a little box step, and declared us the best audience ever.

They also had a talk back with the writers of the show afterwards, who wanted to know who we related to the most. I asked the most common question to them, i.e. “why did Ryan and Alexis break up, exactly? It’s not that clear.” I gather it was along the lines of Ryan was more into the relationship than she was, and he offered to pay for stuff for her once he found out she lived in a trailer park, but I kind of wondered if it was because due to her poor background, she HAS to be invested in the ranking system and due to plot reasons I won’t spoil, Ryan is not as into that by the end. Ah well. I had been curious about this one for awhile ever since I heard about it, so I’m glad I found time to see it...even if it made me have to stay awake today.

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