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New Hair!

2003-09-28, 11:16 p.m.

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The weekend went...great. Best parental weekend home in a coon's age.

On Saturday, I got my hair done.

(Back, other side, and front photos, too.)

It is amazing. I had no idea getting my highlights redone was going to come out like that. The red turned out darker than I expected, more mahogany, and the blonde is more blonde blonde than I thought I could pull off, and yet it works. WOW. I love it. Amazing.

After that, we went to the Harvest Festival once again, where I revisited my usual haunts and said hi to some of my favorite vendors. Which is always great fun. Though uh, perhaps I might want to wear uh, a different skirt than the one I got at the last one next time. I got some more velvet bags from my lovely skirt provider, who's a cool person. I actually brought along my rune stones to show her, since I wanted bags for those. Yay velvet! I got a dichroic piece for my wire wrap class at the start of October here, and a cool abalone flower choker (sorry, no link). I got some cool clay earrings from here.

And an especially shocking moment- I'd gone back to AnKara to get another headband, and not only did Ann recognize me, she saw my link to her website from here. Holy cow, someone actually read this site? Amazing.

I also ran into the vest guy from Whole Earth and thanked him for Dave's vest. He seemed to think I never changed my clothes, but loved my hair, heh.

I was much better behaved this time on the spending, which is a good thing all things considered.

Talked to Dave, and here's the news from his town:

* Jeremy has gone so far as to get a savings account for his daughter, which is a yay, and he and Dave have been hanging out again.

* Teri has decided to follow her mom when she moves to Utah, because she is still in with her Bad Crowd and is doing a LOT more than just the old weed.

* So is Nikki. Ugh.

On Sunday, Mom wanted to visit my grandfather. This went...surprisingly well. I think I've finally mellowed on the whole issue. I used to really hate him, then it went into dislike, then it went into weaker dislike, and I think I'm finally neutral on the issue. I don't think I'm going to take up worshipping him or anything, but I actually had short conversations with him without snapping or squicking or getting cranky about it. I don't know what the change is, but it's nice to have a visit without feeling weird about it.

Go figure.

Mentioned to Mom my whole move-to-Vegas idea, and you should have seen the look on her face. Not thrilled at me moving to a gambling town, since my cousin Janelle lives in Reno and is in GA. However, I find gambling all boring, so I wouldn't worry about that too much. At least they still have jobs opening up there, I said, and it's cheaper. "What would you do there?" I have no idea, but since the university gets to cut at least 20% off of the budget next year, I may need to move in a year or so. If the university stops hiring, then I'm pretty much dead in the water jobwise here. She was still bothered, so I told her it was all pie in the sky since I'd have to get a car and actually drive and not be afraid to drive in order for me to move anywhere that's not SF or NYC.

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