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No Control, So Just Relax

2009-09-28, 3:53 p.m.

Ouch, haven't updated in like a month.

Mostly, nothing much has happened except for work exploding again recently. And since nobody wants to be dooced, I can't really say much about that. Other than (a) you can hear exactly what is going on with my job via the nightly news, and (b) thanks to a five-letter word beginning with u, I will be getting an extra kick in the anatomy come 2010. The word "chicken" is very relevant here.

(Dear god, I dread 2010. I don't do anything for New Year's any more anyway, but this would be the NYE where left to my own devices (i.e. not stuck at my mom's) I'd be totally drunk and hiding under the bed come midnight.)

Anyhoo, I have accepted that I am utterly powerless with regards to the job situation, so why get upset about it any more. Nothing I can do, nobody's gonna listen to me, so why work up drama about it?

In other news, I probably have jury duty again tomorrow, oh goody. I predict ahead of time that I will have to go in in person, but not be one of the 12-14 called in to be on the actual jury this time. I can't say I'm looking forward to waking up extra early and taking the bus with the weird people and the joys of setting off the metal detector, but it could be worse, and god knows I've saved up some decent fiction to read for the day, so there's something to look forward to.

And I am wondering if I am going to catch the swine flu because one of my cousins got it. I haven't seen that one in person lately, but I did see her sister and husband yesterday and thanks to an awkward phone call a few hours later, I am now suspecting they haven't been avoiding the House of Disease as much as they claimed. A-HEM. Which is to say, I don't have symptoms, but finding that out just wigged me a little. Given the impending jury duty, getting sick tomorrow would be awkward. Okay, possibly get me off a jury, but since their phone system sucks, it's not like I can call out sick at 7 a.m. to avoid germ-spreading.

On the good news side, for once in my life I have not totally overscheduled myself during the fall like usual. I have most Mondays free except for the occasional planning meeting, so that's good, and every other Wednesday at least, and a good chunk of weekends. Jess may be coming to visit around NaNo-time. The weather (except for tomorrow, apparently) has been lovely. I have spent a lot of time vegging by the pool. So, all of that is good, just not terribly interesting to write about.

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