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That Old Gang Of Mine

2010-09-28, 1:47 p.m.

So since 2007, I have had the same local group of friends. And as of June, it's... pretty much gone now.

Some folks have moved--two permanently, one temporarily. Two folks had a baby. One is in law school. I expected at least some folks would depart within the next couple of years. However, I did not expect virtually the entire local bunch to flake and disappear to the extent that they have. At this point I'm down to about two people who want to do anything in our ah, primary interest that we all got together doing.

I suppose I should have expected it, since my friend-groups usually have about a 2 year shelf life before everybody moves anyway. This one lasted about 2.5 years, which I guess is a vast improvement.

But that doesn't mean I'm still pissed. I also, sorta delusionally, assumed that after the summer, there might be some regrouping now that nobody's moving, or have reasons to be around, or whatever. But no. I am especially pissed at one person who, I suspect, has just dropped the lot of us entirely because she's so pissed at the flakers. It has been indicated to me that ah, she doesn't want to hear from anybody. Also, she's ignoring me when I've seen her in public. Greaaaat. I want to yell, "Hey, I didn't flake!", but I guess I have association cooties. (I am actually pretty sure that I didn't do anything to piss her off personally.)


So I have been quite cranky over this.

The one non-flaker is my driving instructor, who I was suspecting was going to flake all summer on driving come the fall. Or at least quit the night class that she comes into town frequently to do (we have lessons before it) It seems like flaking has been going around like the flu, and there were some reasons why I could see her bailing on it. But apparently not-- it's more like, she's annoyed at the night class guy for, guess what, flaking.

So, huzzah, ONE NON-FLAKER. That really perked up the week.

As for the two of us left in the social circle, we have agreed to carry on without the others. And hopefully we will.

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