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Another Renaissance Faire

2019-09-29, 11:30 p.m.

I went to the Renaissance Faire today, same location. You would never know it had rained. I actually checked the webpage to see if it was canceled for being drowned in rain, but it wasn’t. I brought a towel (I’m a hoopy frood) and didn’t need it because everything was dry and normal. I talked to a vendor and she said that the rain started after the show had closed for the day and her booth was fine, and the only issue was that tents were provided for the folks camping out because it got muddy.

I read the weather report and it said it was going to be about 69 today and was about 51 when I left, so in addition to my fancy outfit I had on two pairs of leggings and my giant purple cloak, which I rarely wear to events because they are usually warm. I ended up going back to my car and stripping because it got warm! I even sunburned the boobs again because I woke up late and didn’t even think I’d need sunscreen, so good job, me.

I watched all the shows. Archery, jousting, the usual. Got drinks at the sassaparilly booth. I watched “Daring Acts of Daring,” which I hadn’t seen for a while and only remembered that I liked it. Dude was funny about trying to juggle knives while on a teeter totter and throwing them. I watched the falcon show (“cute little murderbirds”). I watched the Merrie Pranksters dance, which was amusing in many ways, but also apparently the dance stage was separating on them and that was causing more and more issues throughout the show. I also went to a new storyteller’s show, which was basically a plug for her book series that she self publishes. Ooookay then, same as the last guy, I guess.

I bought a bunch of stuff:
(a) Rainbow crown and rainbow flower ear cuffs
(b) Two rainbow rings
(c) A pin saying that the voices in my head say good things sometimes
(d) A flower crown (yeah, two crowns today, I hit it off with the ladies at that booth)
(e) At the book booth, I found a 50 cent copy of Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s “Bring Me a Unicorn: Diaries and Letters” from the time when she met her future husband. I read this yonks ago at my mom’s and rebought it again and read the good bits during lunch and it is just as darling as I remembered. Basically she meets him and is bowled over at how hot and dignified and charismatic he is, but he gets on with her sisters a lot better than she does with him and she thinks he’s avoiding her/being polite when he has to deal with her. She pines, she angsts, she’s all “we have nothing in common and OF COURSE he likes my sister(s) better than me, he’s just so noble and isn’t it great to have him in this world,” etc. etc. Cue “She’s So Hiiiiiiiiiiiigh Above Me” in my head during all of this. But eventually he wants to hang out with her alone and take her flying and they really hit it off and she gets over thinking he’s a god and that he’s just a really nice, fine guy with better sensibilities than she thought and you’re like, awwwwwwwwwwwww!
Then sadly I looked at Wikipedia just now and saw that both of them cheated on each other a LOT. That is such a buzzkill.

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