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2004-09-30, 10:21 p.m.


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I'm putting this all down as a record, just in case.

Along with my obsessive tarot bent of late, I started dabbling in the astrology again. Found another book that fills in information from my predictive astrology one and comes with a computer program, found another computer program, and have been trying to read progressions and transits.

Which is bloody tricky, really. But the spooky thing is, it's all tying together with what tarot readings I'm getting lately. Same themes everywhere. I keep getting a LOT of stuff being predicted for October, which is unnerving me no end. I'm afraid of October, because it's promising me a whole lot of stuff that I am not ready for, and it's wigging me out.

Given the issues coming up (as you'll see), I think it'll all revolve around the CC. So I decided to do a chart for the first day I go back to volunteering again, October 6. If anyone out there understands this kind of thing, here it is.

The big themes of this chart, as far as I can tell:

* Sun in Taurus- accumulate assets.
* Sun in 7th house- business partnerships/patronage spotlighted.
* Mercury trine Saturn- thoughts of career.
* Mars in 10th house: dynamic but disciplined. Career matters. Drive for recognition and status. Aggressive pursuit of career goals.

* Mercury in Taurus- good communication, creativity.
* Mercury in 7th house- creativity, good communication, love of learning.
* Mercury trine Mars- quick mind, desire to learn, good communication.
* Mercury trine Neptune- more intuitive, creativity heightened.
* Mars square Sun: great endurance, dramatic self-expression. Destructive energy could be put into construction. (So I guess the craft fair is gonna go well?)

Home stuff:
* Saturn in Cancer- responsibility for a parent, an existing home can be renovated. Major job changes. (I’d better not bloody lose my job there.)
* Neptune in 4th: creativity heightened, usually a home is redone. (Oh, the irony.)

Religious stuff:
* Mercury opposition Pluto- investigating, focus.
* Pluto in Sagittarius- Religion change, rather obsessive about it. (Ya think?!)
* Saturn in 9th house- define your belief system.

The usual goddamned chaos:
* Mars square Uranus: erratic energy patterns- people come and go. Disruptions. Accident-prone.
* Mars trine Mercury: increase in mental energy. More aggressive.
* Mars trine moon: emotions more volatile. Often some kind of minor surgery such as a tooth extraction. (This is especially a worry because I think(?) that one of the possible complications he mentioned about the wisdom tooth surgery was that some hole in the back of my nasal passages might not reheal itself, but they wouldn’t know for a few weeks. Now I’m starting to wonder because my head feels more airheady than usual. Or is that my imagination?)
* Uranus in Pisces- quick romance, more creativity, more spiritual, past secrets revealed.
* Neptune in Aquarius- artistic, creative, people drawn into your life, spirtuality.
* Jupiter in 12th house- can easily and comfortably surface over old psychological issues and resolve them. Therapy is effortless, things become crystal clear. Creativity heightened. (Well, this one’s a big big plus.)

* Sun in 7th house- focus on relationships, marriage. Single people may marry or will certainly attract suitors.
* Mercury in 7th house- thoughts will turn to love and marriage.
* Venus in 8th house- love nature expressed intensely. “A magnificent love obsession can control the life. It so often seems to be all or nothing at all here.”
* Venus square Saturn- love nature expressed more practically. “I have also seen the great love of one’s life become one’s career with this placement.” Love nature less affectionate, aloof. Blockage and delays in love and career affairs.
* Venus in Gemini- love articulated, more intellectual. Will be drawn to very intelligent person who will share your interests and the need to learn and communicate. With Venus in Gemini, a person often has two loves at the same time. (Gaaaack. I don’t even want one boyfriend right now. TWO?! Poly past or not, the timing is abysmal for this.)
* Jupiter in Libra: think about marriage, romantic time.
* Uranus in 5th house- can bring a sudden love alliance, flashes of creative insight. Drawn to different people than usual, but it’s fleeting.
* Pluto in 2nd- a “magnificent love obsession” (again!) can also take place at this time.
* Progressesd moon in Scorpio/first house- will draw to yourself deep, intense, troubled people. Power struggles may occur. Your affairs will be public, but not as much. Others will be aware of your changes. More resistance and delay in events manifesting themselves. Difficult, heavy time. Magnified feelings, fixed goals, fatal attraction, extra intuitiveness, manipulations, mind games.
* Moon opposition Venus- will have a choice, something you have to confront. May find out something. You will have the control. Don’t make an unwise decision where a relationship is concerned. Opposition always involves a relationship.
* Sun sesquiquadrate Venus- relationships go well or just the opposite. It depends on your willingness to compromise. Share your affections, socialize, and meet new people.
* Venus sextile Jupiter- luck is with you in love and money, but it's still wise to hang on to your common sense. Leisurely social events are appealing if you're feeling lazy. That's okay, but don't overindulge
* Mercury Sesquiquadrate Venus- take the initiative to resolve minor disagreements so they don't fest. Peace is easily achieved. Social events are a pleasant diversion. Mix, mingle, and get acquainted, but don't overeat.

Ai yi motherfucking YI to all of that last bit. I’ve been drinking tonight, and it still doesn’t help when I’m reading all of that.

Anyway, I’m setting this stuff down in stone, as it were, to see how it plays out over the next few months. Truth be told, I rather hope the creativity/mental boosty stuff works and all that love crap falls by the wayside and doesn’t happen. But either way, even with all this forecasting, I’m sure a few more lightning bolts will be thrown in just to fuck with me.

Who wants to take bets on how this fall will go? Instead of Summer of Fun or Fall of Fabulousness (TM Al), it'll probably be Fall of Freakyness.

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