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2005-09-30, 4:27 p.m.

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Another day, more bad news.

Remember that meeting with the doctors that was supposed to be scheduled with the family a few weeks into hospital admission? The one they canceled?

Well, they decided to hold it. Namely, next Wednesday around noon. While Auntie Dolores and Uncle Bruce are out of town. It was deliberately scheduled then at the request of certain hospital officials who have met my aunt and uncle.


Timingwise, this is quite inconvenient. I have to miss a step class, a dance class, a work party, and the last support group meeting (which is going on at the exact same time as this meeting) to go to it.


One can presume this will be a meeting in which we are told how much longer he probably has left and when/if will Dad be allowed to die. Cheerful stuff like that.


Random segue #1:
I am going to be painting henna on people until 2 in the morning. I don't know what I was thinking to sign up for that.

Random segue #2:
I hope I can get in to see Serenity this weekend. GO SEE IT, PEOPLE. It was Serenity Blogging Day on the blog anyway.

Random segue #3:
There's a person I've had to deal with from time to time on campus who has always pretty much acted like I didn't exist. I couldn't help but find this to be rather strange.

That person was actually really nice and friendly to me today. Totally out of the blue. I don't know what brought that on (and truth be told, I have been trying to figure it out ever since!), but that actually kind of cheered me up. Especially since I found out about the whole meeting thing right before that.

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