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Storytelling September

2018-09-30, 8:40 p.m.

Well, it was another fun weekend!

On Friday I went back to the Sacramento event mentioned here. We were unfortunately ten minutes late due to whopping traffic, which annoys me because I think they were talking about some other events and the big conference in Kansas City and the like. My favorite story was a girl's talking about her whopping crush on an older guy and stuffing her bra about it, then running into him many years later and yeah, he knew. There was also some poetry and a story about a girl who wanted to go to school a lot sooner than September, and a story about having to get a kidney stone taken care of at a ah, poorer hospital than she was used to.

I did talk to Mary and Robin (the husband guy I mentioned), he liked my videos. They are going to have some open tell time at the one next time and would I like to go in? I need to come up with something scary and/or ghosty, though. My ghost stories are very short, so I dunno there. I may talk about Disneyland since that (including Haunted Mansion) used to scare me.

I went to the Dixon Scottish Games the next day and spent like 80% of my time watching heavy athletics. I don't know why I'm so fascinated by watching people chuck weights over a bar, but it totally is. I was especially admiring Zach (who won his entire class and had on a shirt that said "Black Sheaf." I was laughing at the dirty joke because penis jokes abound in the land of kilts, but they also had a competition(?) where they used a sheaf/pitchfork to chuck square bales over the bar and he kicked ass especially at that. Troy also managed to chuck the caber with a score of perfect twelve twice, and Megan, the only girl who could even upend the caber at all, did that THREE TIMES. Damn, girl! It was impressive. I also watched Tempest some more and a little sheepdog trials.

As for today, I went to this town's storytelling "extravaganza," which was small but good. I went to the workshop in the morning, led by Joel ben Izzy, who was totally lovely and did an excellent story workshop. He had us talk about our names as a potential story anyone can talk about and lord knows I have a lot to say about having a clone name! I ended up buying 3 CD's and one of his books (about half his merch there), which is about how he lost his voice after being treated for thyroid cancer and was told that was going to be permanent. Obviously he got it back somehow, but the man knows all about piquing interest to get you to buy the book to find out how that happened! He did some funny Jewish-themed stories (now I get what "schlemiel, schlemazel" in the Laverne and Shirley theme song was about) and we debated about luck vs. wisdom and which is better. I think luck won out by the end.

I now knew several folks in the workshop/attending that I've seen at other events, so that's fun to reunite. I got some compliments for my show last week. Gloria was there and we swapped contact information even though I don't know if anything will happen there. I don't think she ended up revamping her story, it was from the same POV. She said later that she got the idea to write it when thinking about the idea of whether or not any of Jesus's carpentry survived. The winner of the Story Slam at Sierra came down here and we had some conversations. At the show on Friday, Mary said she'd been introduced to the concept of story slams and I don't think she really liked how competitive they were and the 5 minute time limit--me either. Linda (this lady) said she agreed with that and was going to tell her story again but longer this time!

Some folks went out to dinner again after that and it was fun to chat with everybody. I really enjoyed it. I also got called (by Ed) an "up-and-coming," which I loved. Hell yes, I am.

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