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2020-09-30, 10:18 p.m.

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Well, I got the giant order done. Over 120 on it, which is ....well, usually they were around 40ish to 60ish. Ugh. I love that "I'm utterly fried by 8:17 a.m." feeling! I did manage to get it done (by adding 16 more people!) by 9 a.m. JUST in time for the meeting in which we were to go over how one orders. Grandboss of course had a lot of thoughts and wants to redo the entire process and.... oy. Some of it I'm fine with and some I am not, but obviously I lose that argument so I just keep my mouth shut.
In related news, someone please explain to me why if you need a very important document, you arrange for it to be mailed to AN EMPTY HOUSE WHERE NO ONE LIVES AND THERE'S NOT EVEN A MAILBOX. As I ranted to Kelly this morning, customer service makes me want to go all Jerry Maguire and yell "HELP ME HELP YOU." She said she's felt the same.

I was somewhat less fried by the afternoon, but I spent all bloody afternoon on the public email box. I got about half of the pile done (that was JUST my specialty stuff, three days worth of it), was still not done by 5, sigh. I did tackle a few special crap things and got that done, more or less. But it's still a goddamned lot.

Mom called me after work today and wanted to know what I like and don't like about my job. Likes: working for a giant org, health insurance is good, vacation is good (not that I am using it this year, but it's about 1.5 more weeks than anywhere else in America), there are a lot of perks at working for the giant org, albeit not ones I can take advantage of right now, they ARE being extremely sensible about safety at this time and I actually don't have any major fears about us opening to the general public--well, not MY safety at least or the safety of those I work with. I unfortunately can't do anything about idiots who party. And I like almost all of my coworkers and I like plowing through giant piles of paperwork. Dislikes: being yelled at, customer service, being overloaded. Except all jobs do that these days.

Nightly activities: I finished watching all episodes of Riverdale and then finished The Flash tonight. Now I'm going to tediously finish up Dynasty, save Legends for later. "We're going to meet in an abandoned office building, we should be fine" is a quote from the last episode.

Satire class went well, she said she liked my list from last week and her critique idea wasn't really something I should do! Hah, I didn't do it anyway. She also liked the two pieces I turned in (character monologues) this week. She also said that Brian (Comedy Spot runner) will publish our satire pieces on the website if we like/clean them up a bit. I might do that since I know I'll never freelance pitch to McSweeney's or whatever. On the synchronicity side, one of my classmates wrote a character whose last name was Scott and it kept repeating in the story, sigh.

I drew an oracle card and it said "Quality Time." Not really something doable these days....

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