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Henna Under Pressure

2005-10-01, 4:13 p.m.

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Last night was a long and busy night.

First off, I went to see Serenity. Hooray! Turned out that probably half of the CC staff and/or their friends and relatives were all at the 7 p.m. showing. Which was cool. I sat by some of them.

The movie is awesome. I plan on repeated viewings. Hell, I was going to go today except I am waaaaaaaaaaaaay too goddamned tired to do anything I planned to do beyond go the gym and dance class. (Truth be told, I shouldn't have gone to either place.) People came out of it...happily shellshocked is the best way I can describe it.

Worth the wait to see the Firefly crew back again. Yay.

After that, a good portion of the moviegoers and I went to "The BUZZ", i.e. some sort of fall welcome event they were having at the gym. It was the kind of thing I wish they'd had when I was a student- they offered tons of shit at this thing. I wish I could have gone and checked well, any of it out. All I really did was pick up random free stuff, such as a squishy double decker bus toy, a free condom*, and buttons announcing that "Masturbation Happens" and "I Know Where My Clitoris Is."**

But alas, I was working, doing free henna tattoos for the CC for four hours straight.

FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT OF DOING HENNA. What the FUCK was I thinking to sign up for that? Clearly I thought I'd just be kicking back and hanging out and talking to people and once in awhile I might have to do work.

Call me crazy, but if there's free drinks, dancing, a fashion show, free movie, and I forget whatall else they were supposed to be offering at this thing, I'd be doing any and all of that instead of standing in line for 30 minutes to an hour to get henna! But the line literally went from one end of the building to the other! We had six people painting and we were swamped!

I'm still waiting for the feeling to totally come back into my thumb- that went away maybe 45 minutes into the night. People kept saying, "Take breaks, take breaks," but (a) I couldn't take a long enough break during the night to get feeling back into my thumb, and (b) the line was SO FREAKING LONG I felt guilty taking off for five minutes to pee, much less "break" time.

Everyone was very nice, which surprised me, and polite. Nobody whined that anything sucked (though I did get "Eh, it's free, right?" a few times), I didn't smear up anyone's paint on my own (yay), I did the best I could trying to pull certain designs straight outta my ass. The oddest one I did was a green M&M, though the strangest of the night was a pirate flag. That was a hoot. But I was definitely nervous- I can copy drawn designs fairly well, but that's when I've got the time, better/smaller henna bottle tips, Q-Tips and toothpicks to use... This was definitely an under pressure experience! And things went right up until 2 a.m. when the building closed- that's when the line finally ended! (The last girl said "Do whatever you want," and I was all, "I think I love you.") And I did get one tip- a girl gave me a candy bar. Heh.

But either way, it was frustrating that we were extremely busy and then we'd look over at the CC
managers that were all working the Campus Recreation booth "answering questions" (i.e. kicking back and relaxing and yakking).

The good thing was, we were all getting paid $15 an hour in CC credit (as a university employee, I am not allowed to get paid cash for work by more than one office anyway). So next quarter I've got $60 towards getting free class money. Maybe I can use it to take some more lampworking, since apparently they aren't planning (ever?) on letting volunteers take the new lampworking classes for free or get discounts.

So I got home late, went to bed, proceeded to NOT sleep for some reason... and I have been in a tired fog all day!

* yeah, I know, every time I ever have condoms on me, they expire long before there's any opportunity to use them, and I shouldn't have. But I couldn't resist coming back to my group and going, "I got my bus, I got my condom, I'm all set for the night!" at 'em.

**Oh, come on, you know you wish you had 'em. Now I just have to figure out an interesting way to display them.

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