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A Call For Cute

2008-10-02, 10:17 a.m.

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"Here's to hoping that future books about the next few years won't be titled anything like Hard Times. I'm hoping that history books on the next decade will have names such as The Fluffy Happy Time of Wonderful Wonderfulness and Banana Chocolate Pie, Yum!" -Kattullus

So, life sucks these days!

Er, not mine exactly, but the world sure does. So far I am pretty well crisis-free other than the mom thing, but all the OMG DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM stuff going on every time I am online (you bet your ass I do NOT watch TV news, which is even worse) starts making you semi-suicidal after awhile. And generally speaking, I'm okay so far and not likely to get a bite in the ass this year. Hell, my meditation teacher was all, "Man, I really have to stop reading all those New York papers on my BlackBerry now."

After having one of those OMG DOOM GLOOM days online, I went to the gym and then went home and watched television and felt a lot better. Then I was all, "Duh, JUST IGNORE IT!" Poof, the solution! I can't do shit about the situation except wait for anvils to fall, but why not look at fluffy bunnies while you wait?

Or alternately, I'm already burned out on fear and it hasn't even really started yet? Oy.

So yesterday I'm in the car with a friend of mine (I am going to tactfully say Friend A since, well, you may guess why), who when asked how her life is going, the answer is "quite shitty." Pretty much along the lines of "marriage went to hell, I'm really tired of my MIL, I wish I could leave the guy but I can't financially manage without him around and there are kids, so I'm terrified he might run off and leave." I feel terribly sorry for her, though there really isn't much to say after awhile. Short of some sort of miracle happening, well, she is one of the most stuck-in-a-bad-situation people I know.

But the conversation was definitely on "everything sucks" mode. And of course she wandered into "the economy sucks and we are all screwed, here comes the apocalypse" kind of territory. And when I started saying stuff like, "I'm just gonna stop reading about this stuff," she gave me this funny "what the hell is wrong with you?" look.

Later on, I'm hanging out with Friend B, a mutual friend of me and A (A and B are actually better friends with each other than I am with either of them, they've known each other longer and live closer to each other). I'm having some interesting conversation with her about how she took 1300 pictures while she was on vacation (naturally I had to be all, "I took 1400!, I'm not trying to top you, I just enjoy someone else being crazy.") and how she is thinking of publishing a photo book of them, because she's an entrepreneur and she thinks of turning everything she does into money. I am very impressed by this and wish I had that urge (not to mention the business sense).

As we're leaving, Friend A is talking to a bunch of people about the same stuff she was telling me about, and I say this to Friend B. Friend B...well, let's just say Friend B is tired of hearing about Friend A's doom and gloom, apparently. I mentioned the thing about "I'm just going to stop looking at the news a lot" and she cracked up and was all, "LOLCats!" "I Can Has Cheezburger!" and I was all, "CuteOverload!"

So, yeah. Let's just all go look at cute things for awhile.

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