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30 Days Of Truth: Forgiveness Otherwise

2010-10-02, 7:05 p.m.

30 Days of Truth Day 4: Something you have to forgive someone for.
Uh... I really don't know on this one. Some people I've forgiven, but it usually takes me about ten years to get over the snitty feeling. Some folks I just stopped caring about and thus it didn't matter all that much. Some people are just naturally bitchy and I think they can't help acting like that to everyone, so why take it personally. And some people do things to piss me off and I realize that well, they're just an asshole and I should have figured that out earlier. I don't think I necessarily forgive them so much as I just think, "Shame on me, then." Then there's Mom, but that's a whole other bucket of something weird. And Dad, who I'm well aware "couldn't help it" even if I was mad at him anyway.

So I'm pretty stumped as to answer the question. I think I've gotten over all of the people I was massively pissed off at for the most part (except Mom, but... yeah, different situation). I don't really know how I get over it, I just kind of do. I guess after 9-10 years the pissy wears off on its own and I can be all, "yeah, I sucked too, you were kinda right, I'm over it."

I am in a minor-ish snit over all of my friends that flaked, but I'll forgive them on my own somehow when the pissy wears off. Even my (now former, I guess) mentor that I am feeling kind of grudge-y and abandoned about... sigh. It's going to be interesting when I do driving lessons again with HER mentor...

Not a very good answer today, huh? Oh well, it's a Saturday, who cares anyway. They can't all be pearls.

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