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He Got It

2020-10-02, 10:00 p.m.

You know what? I'm going to go see him. I'm going to finish this tie off, go get some photocopies made of stuff we had from plays (I have some duplicate programs but not all and I want to duplicate the Tony n' Tina cast pic), god help me, and go see him. If this is nearing the end, if he's over it, if he doesn't want to talk any more--and when it takes 20 minutes to respond to anything, girls know what that means--I'm going to say goodbye, drop off this tie that I finished making, and then I'll know, right?

Work: still draining, still frying, but got at least some stuff done today. The Important Document Reorder came back to us....of course... but at least the fixes they wanted were relatively easy, albeit they may argue with me about a weird thing that was deemed acceptable by others.

I don't think it's been a fun week for anyone, between me feeling fried and wishing for death, my boss having to deal with her kid's medical issues (he had to get the flu shot and an MRI and he LOST IT on the last one at the last minute), and politics.

Also, I normally have no reaction to the flu shot whatsoever, but this time it's a little sore and swollen up and now I'm all fuck, does that mean I can never get a flu shot again?

So, Trump got it! What can I say that won't make me look suspicious to the Secret Service?

* Karma! I hope it actually works!
* I guess this explains a lot about his debate performance.
* I enjoy all the jokes people are making about the word Hope now.
* Of COURSE he ran around spreading it to all he could after suspecting he might have it.
* Am delighted that he went to the get whatever miracle cure, I guess....
* I want him out of office as soon as possible. I am not at all particular about the method of how this happens. I have absolutely no faith that anything else but this will happen to him (legal trouble, anything) so let's just ... ponder this while it lasts.
* If God is actually able to intervene here, hallelujah.
* That said, Trump is such a Karma Houdini I still expect him to win in a rigged landslide and come out of this hale and hearty and unaffected as ever.
* And because it's 2020, expect the world possible thing to happen here, whatever that could be to make sure half of us are dead and the other half at war by Christmas!
* So enjoy this moment, it may be the only good one of 2020!
I can't even speak to Biden, Pelosi, Democrats in proximity, right now. As everyone else says, they ain't in the clear for another 14 days.

Dawn wanted to talk to me over Zoom tonight to (a) have me pick out yarn for a project and (b) check to see how suicidal I am. Well, I'm better the last few days, is what I say. Also, for the record, all I have are kitchen knives and about 15-20 Benadryl in the house so I can't really do myself too much damage with that, and I'm highly unlikely to take actual action, I just wish I could easily poof myself out of existence because sometimes I just think the best solution of my problems is death, because I can't solve them in any other way.

She said regarding Scott that I need to give him a lot of leeway and it's not all about me. Which is true.

Tonight I watched the Santa Cruz Comedy Festival online. Quotes from that:

Someone named Chree on a bidet:
"I'm not wiping. I'm not going anywhere."
"My relationship with my bidet has gotten more intense over the last few months."

Ophira Eisenberg talked about pretending to freeze the computer to get out of a meeting.
"God watched the debates and said "I gotta step in here."
"Horoscopes are for the lost and the weak and that's a very Capricorn thing to say."
"New York during a global pandemic is still better than Baltimore."
Temperature guns are the closest we'll ever get to national health care, but only in America would it be a gun to the head.
She told a story about getting a bloody nose in a mask and freaking people out--she should save it for the anti-maskers.
She walked out of Whole Foods with soup and forgot to pay and then nobody noticed because she's over 40.
"I was taking one of my bimonthly showers...."
"I've had dreams of someone else doing my dishes...."

Two magicians, Joshua and Bailey:
"Things are getting weirder and weirder here, so we keep doing more and more magic so that we can feel normal."
How does she have a baby face? "What's your secret?" "Act like a child." I hear ya, girl.
They rigged a phone to mention things they'd just brought up in conversation.

Madison Sheperd:
"I've been doing a lot of bargaining with God in quarantine."
There have been a lotta near misses with asteroids. "You read the fucking tweets, god, we don't wanna be here no more!"
Home is a "day care center for depressed adults."
"I don't want to make this all about my sexual assault, BUT..." why does he ask you to keep it a secret? "don't rape, 'cause you're gonna get told on."

Baron Vaughn (from Grace and Frankie):
"Slavery! The Musical!" did not go over well."
"I hope you guys are enjoying your casual apocalypse."
"Jow about it's the end of A world?" "it's more like a gas leak of society."

Adam Conover:
"People who don't hide the self view are critically insane." It's like having a mirror on the ceiling during a meeting. "You need to forget that you're incarnated in a physical body!" "But this is what comedy is now!"
Why do people like baseball when it's so boring? "Watch how people react when they get MORE baseball than expected." "More baseball per dollar, could it get any worse?" People react more to kisscam.
"I don't know if this is comedy yet..."
"I think parents are the biggest narcissists on the planet. You know what this planet needs? MORE ME."

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