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2019-10-03, 9:55 p.m.

Today I was kind of having a meltdown at work again. Too much to do. I can't keep up and for every single thing I don't get done immediately, there's someone calling or emailing or coming to the front counter demanding why isn't it done yet, making more work for my coworkers.

Original 2nd in command actually volunteered to work on my mailings for me for an hour, and I think it took her 3 to 4 hours to do it. Well, now she understands why there's issues and how it goes. Very, very sweet of her (and shocking considering that she's management). She rocks. I got the international mailings done with paid for shipping, so there's that. Original 2nd also said she'd help me come up with a more more explicit comm pointing out the disasters that will inevitably come from mailing international anything for free, so that's great. My boss came by and gave me a "chill out" talk, which was also needed. As well as scheduling a one on one for Monday (3 hours of meetings in the morning), sigh. Necessary but dreading it anyway.

At lunch there was a "Treasure Truck" from Amazon handing out free facial products and tattoo pens, I had fun with that last one. I also bought a Frida Kahlo poster. I've wanted some Frida merch for years but only today found the "right" one. It's at work now.

Rehearsal was very short tonight, as "Act 2" is rather short. We ran through the thing twice and were done after an hour. I also think it's the best "act" since it has the most plot and covers the main conflict of the show about whether or not a Jew is allowed to play Jesus. (The irony.) Alexis did a great job playing the pissed off mom (she can certainly do mad glare well), though Anita wanted her even madder. I still like Isadora and she's the best kid actor here, but she does need to do LOUD VOICE at some point. Alas, it's not natural to anyone in this cast other than the adult dudes. I wish I could have that kid meet Lioness at my work and get some inspiration.

The kid who got beestung is fine today, just so you know.

I continue to not be able to imagine Scott playing this teacher dude as written in the script. I'm sure he did awesomely at the auditions as he always does, but literally I can't picture it. It's more twinkly than Hallmark. I assume he'll be doing a lot of gagging and snarking off script when the time comes.

We had a lot of substitutes tonight, including myself as Miss Glace again. I really enjoyed playing her. I got laughs. I acted out blushing. I enjoyed her little speech. Waaaah, I wish. But if I'm good at it, then Cameron is of course better at it, as she has to be, as she always is. She's been acting since she was seven, for godsake.

We got the rehearsal schedule today and I won't be coming to "Act 2" rehearsals again after this since I won't be subbing and I'm not in "Act 2." So well, I won't be watching it until we start doing full show rehearsals in November.

I like this show, mind you, I think it's a hoot. I just wish I could be like, in it. Oh well, I got the best I could under the circumstances. Really, I'm not needed and Anita is just being nice to let me in with 2 lines, and that's about what I needed for my purposes. Bare minimum. I also have no set building skills, so I can't get in that way. The last time I tried to build something larger than me, I got told it looked more like an octopus when it didn't have legs.

I miss having more adults, the only one making with the snark is Anita really:

Anita to Alexis: "I want you to be more obnoxious. Trent is very good at that!"
To the kids: "Didn't I say to make more noise?" (The kids are monkeying around at a whiteboard."
Me: "I can hear noise."
Her: "I meant the kind that comes out of your mouth."

To the Abramowitzes: "You guys feel like a real family."

I watched as she directed the Wise Men to basically not do what they're being told to do. "You want us to do things? In a play?"

The kid playing King Herod is at least a teenager and his primary role in this scene is not to be able to read aloud. I am assuming he's dyslexic in this show.

These kids are actually very well behaved and have to be told to act kiddish and goof off and throw things and pick on each other. (Maybe we need a group showing of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever as inspiration for kid behavior.) Someone suggested nose picking and I was all, "no, there's another kid already doing that." It's in the script....

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