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Four Festival Weekend

2015-10-04, 9:12 p.m.

I went to four festivals this weekend. This is a little hectic.

Friday night: went to a Birdstrike improv show here, first of the season. It was fun. However, if I go into details about that, I'm not gonna get this thing done.

Saturday: In the morning, I went to the Sac Aloha Festival for about three hours. I really wish I could have been there longer, but I did pick up hair flowers, a car sticker and some calendars and sampled some DELICIOUS fried rice and the best shaved ice ever, so there's that. The reason I wasn't there long was....

In the afternoon, Meg had asked me to help her at a natural dye workshop/demonstration at Hoes Down, this farm festival out in the far ass end of the county. I hadn't been out that far since college when my boyfriend had a house in the boonies, so that was odd. Hoo boy, this farm thing was huuuuuuuuuuuuuge. I had no idea. Chaos abounded. I guess there were workshops going on somewhere, there were craft booths, food booths/trucks, and a huge children's area that Meg was in. It was a very busy afternoon, but went well. Turned out I was the only volunteer there she knew (the other one that was supposed to show up ended up being suborned into the loom and spinning area) and knew how to dye things, so that worked out. I am also relieved that nobody ended up burning themselves on hot pots, because hoo boy, I was worried about that. We dyed things in hibiscus (red), tumeric (yellow), osage orange (also yellow) and black walnut (brown), with baking soda as a base that would change the red to green and the yellow to orange. Pretty funky. Anyway, I hung out for a bit after it was over to watch the chaos/get a free volunteer dinner. It was an interesting experience, but I dunno about going to this on an every year basis--especially since literally everything is scheduled on the first Saturday in October.

Meanwhile, Mom had her new firm (the guys she worked for sold out to a chain so they can gradually retire) office gathering today--they bussed people to SF to go on an aquarium tour and out to lunch. Sounds like it was very nice. Except for how ridiculously cheap they are about vacation and sick time (one week and none, apparently), the place sounds nice.

On Saturday night, after I got home, I basically collapsed on the couch waiting for Mom to arrive. That night there was a freak LIGHTNING storm outta nowhere--and by nowhere, I mean lightning was going off every few seconds with NO rain going on. Mom managed to get all of her stuff inside the house before the random torrential downpour started--and meanwhile was all "no rain here, perfectly dry." WTF?

On Sunday morning, Mom wrapped baby shower gifts because my cousin is having yet another baby shower even though the previous child is two. Somehow people weren't as excited to show up for this one, I can't imagine why. Mom bought fifteen baby outfits (jeebus) and apparently at least half of them are going to be taken back for being "too girly" (because this time they're not finding out the gender). Gawd. I am so glad Mom told them I was busy. Which I was.

I spent the morning at the library book sale and found one of the two books I've been looking for lately (Unfamiliar Fishes, about Hawaii), huzzah. Then I picked up Meg and we went to Lambtown and checked out spinning wheels and talked to people for a few hours. I got some roving and some pretty yarn. We briefly wandered through an international festival upon returning to town, and then I took Meg home and headed BACK to the library, where I actually bothered to get a town library card (yes, I know, that's ridiculous, I just usually end up going to the one closest to work most of the time) so I could get my hands on a copy of the Alexander Hamilton biography that Hamilton the musical is based on. Which reminds me: if you don't know what this is, GO FIND OUT BECAUSE HOLY SHIT IT'S AWESOME. I'm so obsessed. I wanna be this genius. And a few other books. Yeah, maybe shouldn't have checked out five books to read in three books when one of them is huge. Ah well. Then I went to knitting group and we yakked about Lambtown and someone's crappy supervisor.

It's been pretty busy. And I still need to write up some improv experiences and I haven't done that yet either.

Oh, quote of the weekend, which I overheard in the library: "My entire orientation speech is, don't go to Froggy's after 10." I busted out laughing and said I never go there in the first place.

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