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Early October Turmoil

2004-10-05, 6:53 p.m.

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So far, there hasn't been a dull moment since October began. This is kind of...disturbing somehow. It makes me worry.

Friday, October 1: Signups at the Craft Center. I manage to get out with only paying $29, between my free class, half off classes, and class credit from my canceled class. I also manage to get out about ten minutes before there's a half-of-the-campus blackout. Of course, the damn thing's during lunch and the power comes on right around 1. Not only do we not get to go home early, we can't even surf during lunch. Bleah. (And of course, the power went on just as my coworker was going to go outside for lunch. This is why I never leave during a blackout any more, even if they tell me I can.)
Signups for NaNoWriMo started. Jess and I pretty much decided to do "sister" Chick Lit books, but we need to do some mutual plotting. Both of us have enough life material that we'd fit right in.
That night, Jess gets a phone call from a so-called friend who she'd agreed to make a wedding cake for. Only friend forgot to mention that the wedding was ahem, tomorrow. Yeesh.
Mike had been on call since last weekend and was on call till Monday, and things were so chaotic there he couldn't bloody leave the house or the computer or the phone for very long. People were being idiots and the dialup was dying. Whee, 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. calls!

Saturday, October 2: Massive shopping trip at Michael's with Jess, where I massively stock up on craft supplies for the fall auctions (see the craft blog for what's done so far). Let's just say it's a good thing I'm not paying rent. After that, we go to Borders so Jess can pick up American Idle, as I have gotten her addicted to snarky Chick Lit. I am currently reading the book, and I can say that the heroine's life is only slightly less chaotic than mine. (At least nothing in mine's ever life-threatening.) We also signed up for beading classes on Tuesdays, yay.
Mike's on call continued to be zooey and annoying for everyone. We attempted to have a gaming night since he couldn't leave the house, but the phone just wouldn't let up.

Sunday, October 3: Continuing on the shopping theme, Jess and Julian go along on the annual family trip to Apple Hill. (Mike ended up going into work till late into the night.) They seemed to get along with everyone, and my Uncle Brad gave Julian some chalk eggs to draw on the sidewalk with. This was a blast, especially since unlike my relatives, Jess was willing to check out things longer. She hadn't gone since the 80's and was unaware there was more than one farm there, heh. Now she wants to go back again sometime this month. Woo!

Here's Julian, getting many samples of apples.
Jess picked up a lovely dichroic necklace, and I, well... got two necklaces, three Italian charms, a hair doodad, a pendant, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Julian also got to go on a pony ride and a train. Note the shirt I've got on- that got some interesting comments that day. One chick I bought a necklace from made comments about how guys can't buy you good presents, heh.
Later on that day, we went by Mike's office to donate food to him (i.e. what we had left over from morning snacks), but he determined about an hour later he could at least get out to go to dinner, so we went out to eat. Before we got into the restaurant, we went into a toy store. One girl and her date (obviously on a HOT date) were also going on, and she was all, "I love that shirt!" I loved her for saying such a thing in front of her date. He seemed amused too. Later on we saw them making out by a Dumpster.
I ended up finding out that Jess's other son, William (long story short, he goes to school in another town), is coming for a week's visit starting Saturday. I feel bad about still being here by the time he was coming, I wanted to be out of here by then. Things are gonna be zooey.

Monday, October 4: I came into work to find out that oh, we have interviews for temps scheduled for today. Way to give warning, folks. In the end, we ended up with two scheduled each day at the start of the week. It's surprising just how much more than one interview in a day fries your brain, in a sense. I've been used to things being quiet around here for too long, it was throwing me off.
William called and had to be filled in on the "Yes, she's here, there's tons of her stuff here, no, you CAN'T bring your kinetic sculpture project here, THERE'S NO ROOM!" issue. Eep.
Had a gaming night again since Mike was finally off call (and given 2 days of work off so he wouldn't go all clock-tower-shooter at work), and ahem, my character is in deep doodoo with an evil monster after her and an object in her possession. Interesting plot though...

Tuesday, October 5: More interviews today at work. Happily, they finished up today, and things should be pretty stress-free at work for the next few days (hah, she says that now...). We should get a few days leeway before folks start work and training begins. I only hope we don't stink at doing training with the new system stuff going on that we've been getting used to for a few months now.
I also found out via family grapevine that my cousin Matt's wedding will probably be around Thanksgiving, in the butterfly conservatory (without a lead pipe. Har.). Not exactly the timing I was rooting for, but I guess he'll have to move during Christmas and start his new job in Vancouver after the first of the year. I am not sure if I will be able to go or not- the logistics'll be a pain. Plus, end of NaNo time. (Well, I could write on a plane, and lord knows I never get much done on Thanksgiving weekend anyway, right?)
I came home tonight to find this out front:

I really don't know what to make of this.

Or this. I haven't seen a public display of affection in my honor like this since my house got TP'd.

Jess and Mike are having a date night tonight, and I'm watching Julian. As I type, I'm watching "Scooby-Doo Meets Batman and Robin" and waiting for pizza delivery. Yay pizza delivery.
This is my last night before Craft Center volunteering starts up again, and I was hoping that we'd just get pizza the first night or something. No such luck, the dude in charge this time (wood and welding; I haven't seen him around much) sent out the "girls, bring food" note Tuesday night. I do not appreciate being told to whip up food at the last minute, even if I am unlucky enough to have a vagina and he probably assumes that I can. Luckily for him, Jess has enough time free during the day to come up with some fruity tart thing to drop off before my shift, or else going to the grocery store on my own beforehand would be rather fucked tonight. At any rate, tomorrow will probably be quite zooey, and I'm sure Jess would love to see how things are going with me at some point anyway, hah.

No dull days so far. I wonder if I'm going to get any this month?

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