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30 Days Of Truth: Drifting

2010-10-05, 9:58 a.m.

30 Days Of Truth, Day 9: Someone you didnt want to let go, but just drifted.

(I am skipping days 7 and 8 entirely. One I just don't have an answer for, and the other has been answered in most journal entries many many times.)

Most of my friends have drifted off, really, so this is kind of an "everybody" answer. I am pretty frustrated at my current friend group for drifting off of late, but it's a pattern that's repeated a lot. I'm well aware that (a) that's life in a college town, and (b) people move on and do different things in life, that won't involve you. And usually that's what brings it on. Most of my best friends have either gone to different schools or drifted off for man-related reasons.

Happily, this hasn't happened with my current bunch, though I wonder if that's because they're either all married or in one case, probably about as permanently single as I am. I also worry when people move. Hell, I think my online relationships have lasted longer than most friendships, but that's probably because most people don't move off the Internet, and natural born blabbers will blab anywhere. Though even there I feel like the giant freak for still being single and thus having nothing in common with 95% of the discussion. Feh.

I know everyone on the planet is required to love Facebook, but in all honesty, I can't say I've actually "reconnected" with anyone. Once you're gone, you're gone, really. I was pretty bored with it after about two days, same way I have been with every social network thing other than Ravelry, and I hate short updates (write paragraphs, dammit), but nowadays I just don't want to log in any more. I'm sick of it, I'm sick of hearing about people's Facebook drama, I just want out. I wish I could delete the thing, but there are, alas, reasons not to even if I refuse to use it otherwise. Darn it.

Ugh, I'm cranky today and I don't want to be. I was all excited about today (driving lessons!), but so far it isn't going very well. That's worrisome. I got a kick in the face moment this morning that was uh, confronting and reminded me of (among other unpleasant things), how I just don't move on like everyone else does. And I was going to attempt a mini-gathering tonight, but guess what, there's spousal drama going on so that's canceled. When a day starts out kind of shittastic from about 7:30 a.m. on, it makes me worry about how things are going to be going by 5 p.m.

So... yeah, let's end this today real quick before the superwhine kicks in.

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