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2020-10-05, 10:23 p.m.

The Easiest Way to Improve a Relationship (Less Than 5 Minutes) .... is to write someone a hand-written letter. O RLY?

The morning meeting: I am going to have to change the alias of the new coworker again because I'm an idiot and forgot I already have a friend named Kelly. So she's back to New Girl again until I think of something else.... anyway, New Girl and her kid went to go watch Unhinged, said they were the only two in the movie, and it was terrible.

Adventure Girl's parents have guide dog puppies and she watched them be born and then asked for name suggestions. She also went to the gym this morning and "good thing none of you can smell me."
Lioness's daughter is still mysteriously sick and nobody knows why.
Penguin Girl buys her godson fancy sneakers every year, and this year had to go to 2 malls and only found the sneakers in the last store she tried. Inside the malls "the pandemic didn't exist any more, it was like Southern California." Then she went to the kid's birthday party, outside with 5 kids (I'll note that the air's still bad) nd all the family. She hadn't seen him since it started "and he got so big and doesn't care about me any more." My boss's kid is okay.

I checked what I did yesterday on

For spending 45 minutes indoors within 3 feet of him: "Results: ~30 microCOVIDs (10 to 100). How risky is this? This is a moderate risk activity. What does this mean numerically? This is a roughly 30-in-a-million (0.003%) chance of getting COVID from this activity with these people. Doing this activity once would use up ~20% of your risk allocation for one week."

Just for the hugging alone for not very long: "Results: ~2 microCOVIDs (0.5 to 5) How risky is this? this is a very low risk activity."

As for work, it was mostly fine-ish. Started on the next cycle today, did more emails.

I took the depression test and came out with "You Scored between 17 to 30. Symptoms are strongly consistent with a major depressive episode. Presence of a major depressive disorder is very likely. A complete evaluation is strongly recommended. In this higher range, the severity level may require immediate attention."

I signed up for some improv workshop weeks ago. They changed the date. Then they sent out multiple emails today saying that they only paid Zoom for 100 slots and 600 RSVP'd so only the first 100 who go into the room can get in and the rest can do improv with their friends and family on Facebook and I was all.... not bothering with this.

Texted Redhead Sarah to check on the lawyer situation and she said she's too frozen and generally freaked out to call. Too bad that can't be farmed out to someone else :(

Otherwise don't have much to say about the day. Rolling my eyes at everything Trump. Entertaining myself with a voodoo doll. Watching several episodes of Legends of Tomorrow and it was marvelous. There is an episode where the ladies start their own sorority and Dionysius is a perpetual frat boy. There is an episode where everyone is in various episodes of television. It's all a delight.

And now I am working on/finishing up my Dissent collar. I finished the crocheting of it and now I am blinging up with glitter beads.

Will there ever be a time where we can go a day without thinking about Trump? Probably not, right?

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