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Improv Jam Roundup 1

2016-10-06, 5:23 p.m.

I may not be in an improv class right now (I'm in Sketch 101, I'll have to get to updating for the other classes later since I left those notes elsewhere), but I'm still attending Improv Jams. Here's how those have been going for roughly the last month:

9/8/16, I played:
1. Preschool counselor dealing with a homicidal six year old who's mad after being put in time out.
2. The voice of someone yelling at his poop to come out. In a previous scene, one guy had constipation and was yelling at his stomach to have the poops come out already...poop humor is not my most favorite thing ever so I was staying out of it, but then these two guys decided to do another scene playing said poops, refusing to come out because they are being yelled at. Because apparently I couldn't come up with anything else to do, I started playing the voice of the guy yelling at them, then I started crying and making them feel sorry for me and I apologized.



So after a shit day of work (people perpetually annoying the bejeezus out of me and not taking no for an answer...five times now), I probably would have wanted to stay home and drink, except I promised a few people from class I’d go to Jam tonight. So I did, and it was a delightful evening.

There is a newer fellow (I think he’s at least done 101) at improv that bears a resemblance to Joaquin Phoenix except cuter and quite buff and actually funny. There is sadly no psychic ping when I look at him which in my experience means he’s never going to be interested in the likes of me. And from what I've heard out of him in monologues of late, we probably wouldn't be compatible. And of course he has a girlfriend, because they all do. But oh well, that’s how life goes and I can at least enjoy the funny hot scenery.

And indeed, I did do so tonight, for I attended Cage Match (two homegrown improv teams compete against each other) and he was in it and his team won, huzzah. They were also doing several scenes involving strippers, which I much enjoyed. The gimmick they were doing at the start was after they got suggestions from the audience, they did a silly fake strip show based on the comments. It was a delight. And lo, did that theme continue that night.

Then we had Improv Jam and happily, I got to be on stage with him. He did a monologue about being a guy who can’t dance, so I initiated a scene about a White Boy Dance Class and that was ahem, lots of fun. I later played Jackie Kennedy to his JFK in a scene in which we were re-enacting the assassination, and then we were in a scene where a bunch of girls wanted to do anatomy tutoring in the ah, naked way with him as the tutor. And in the final scene, we were all dancing crabs. Hey, it’s improv. But that was totally delightful and a joy to do. Possibly my most fun improv night ever, really. Heck, I think I was in every scene (most of the time in Jam I’ll just hop into one out of 3-4 scenes), even, plus dancing, plus hot dude. Whee! Fun times!

The week after that, I got on stage but didn't end up actually doing anything. It was all kinda gross, I wasn't inspired, and I did squat. That kinda sucks, but oh well. This is a low-stakes practice thing anyway.

9/29/16: Was in a group of Fox TV producers creating a weird reality show about meeting cute, which turns from spilling coffee to spilling acid on a guy's was weird.

In other news, I really should actually go hang out with people more in between shows/after the shows instead of sitting around reading and knitting or reading the Internet or whatever. Because well, some folks actually would be fine with talking to me (it's fun being a nerd and occasionally realizing people aren't going to worry about getting nerd cooties if I talk to them any more), and one classmate of mine in particular (Fallon) seems to enjoy hanging out with me in the audience, so that's lovely. I hung out for like 45 minutes after the show chatting with her and another classmate of mine, which was a joy. The other classmate also has Ping Issues, which surprised the heck out of me because I've never heard anyone else, much less a guy, say he has this going on. Amazing.

I hate that the times are changing and darkness is coming on, because I know darned well that once the time change happens, I won't want to drive to Sac in the crowds and dark and cold any more and I probably won't go to improv any more until March. Also then I'm not exactly getting to hang with folks, so that's not good either.

I did a monologue about genitalia sculptures! That one's always fun to have to explain to people!

In the show, I was (a) posing in a statue of a threesome (reminded me of one I saw of three Mickey Mouses boning each other once), (b) a lady whose car got sold for parts when she took it in for an oil change, and (c) a face model for someone with face blindness.

I did some post-show hangout again, which was great. We talked about art projects, heh, including nude sculptures and Mother's Day presents.

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