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The New List Of Things To Worry About

2004-10-07, 4:33 p.m.

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Who remembers this entry?

Here's a progress report on the list of things to worry about from that one:
(a) Will they ever finish with my apartment? and (b) When can I move in? Frankly, I was thinking no, they'd never finish. They're working on the walls in the place from what I've seen, and the walls appear to be getting finished...for a month and a half...and I'd about given up. I told someone last night I didn't think it'd be done before Halloween.
Surprise, surprise: Jess took the message today that move-in day will be the 13th. Which in all practicality means the 16th, since that'll be when my storage stuff comes back, plus we can't get the bed up there till at least that Saturday, plus I have volunteering and work going on. I thought about taking a day or few off next week, but I forgot we're going to have the new people probably start training on that day, so never mind. (Grr.)

I don't really know details of arrangements yet. Mom has to find a truck to drive my bed up. Jess's other kid will be here for a week starting Saturday, so that's another thing to add into the mix. I don't think much moving can be done (short of cleaning out Jess's living room a bit by dumping some of my crap off) till Saturday though.

(c) When can I get a rent refund? I'm just going to ask if since I was out for half of August and have been out for half of October, if we can just declare it equal and I don't have to pay rent in November. Seems sensible, since the 16th is the 2-month anniversary of Le Deluge.

(d) Will there be a lawsuit? Don't know still, will have to ask during moving time.

(e) What the fuck am I going to do about buying a new bed? See this entry.

(f) Should I buy renters' insurance? Still haven't heard from the guy we consulted with yet. Buggerall if I know.

(g) Will Heather resurface? Hopefully so. We'll see next week. I hope her boyfriend can move her in or something. I'm trying not to worry about it until then anyway.

(h) and (i) No changes, let's not go there.

(j) Wisdom teeth removal issues. Done!

Now that there's a date, here's my NEW list of things to worry about!

(a) Need to go to grocery store and restock on food. Ouch, the wallet.
(b) Can I find the plugs and equipment to hook up the TV and Internet again? Have no clue where they are, but the DSL doesn't work if you don't use The Exact Same Phone Cord.
(c) Need to buy more extension cord plug things, since mine were too damaged to pull out of the outlets during Le Deluge.
(d) Do a lot of laundry, because God only knows how the clothes in the dressers smell by this point.
(e) Have to put away everything, including load in furniture.
(f) Have to figure out the logistics of moving the bed and bedding up here.
(g) Get another mail key made.

The timing of this is in some ways good and in some ways, bad. On the one hand, I'll be in the apartment just in time for all my CC classes to start. On the other hand, I don't think I will be able to take time off to move next week because training the newbies starts then.

It's definitely going to be a weird switch to going from living with a bunch of folks to the apartment again. Some good changes (i.e. sleeping in uninterrupted but for the lawnmower), some bad (I've been having a lot of fun over here). I suspect it'll be an adjustment for everybody for me not to be there all the time, or for me to be alone most of the time. Strange.

Other stuff my money needs to go towards this month:
(a) Supplies for my classes- metal, foil, mounds of yarn, ka-ching, ka-ching.
(b) Halloween costume, assuming I ever make it to a store to do some shopping. (No way am I making anything this year. I'm busy enough.)

Speaking of money and crafts, I recently saw a listing for the CC having a silent auction for a month. I was all set to get signed up for that, until last night when I found out that you get no money for it- it's all donations for the CC to upgrade the joint. Admittedly, I'd planned on doing maybe one or two items for the CC max anyway given the timing of the event, but no money is definitely annoying. (Especially given how much I just spent on bead supplies for auctions.) Given how much time and money these things take, being asked to make a free donation is kind of annoying. On the other hand, when I asked, she was all, "Oh man, we'd take anything of yours. Even something little!" I didn't know she was uh, such a fan. Though I was wearing my frog necklace with beads from and she thought I'd made them there or something, so maybe that influenced her commentary. (Me: "Uh, no, I'm not that good yet.")
I will probably still do something, but I'll give them something I don't think would sell at all with the 3WA crowd. Whatever that is *shrug*. I really need to start spending some time with the glass and jewelry stuff on weekends after I'm moved in.

I always end up busy. Working on crafts in October, working on NaNo in November, working on presents in December.
I'm still scrambling about for a NaNo plot this year, but I think I kinda vaguely know where it's going. Jess says I pretty much live a Chick Lit life, so I think I'll end up ripping off some life events for that. She plans on doing the same, and we'll do sister novels taking place at the same time and some of the same events, but different POV's. You should see the sample bits she's writing up for me on her end, they are hysterical. I only wish I had more thought of right now. Oh well, hopefully we'll do some brainstorming soon.

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