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Good Points About The Recall

2003-10-08, 6:04 p.m.

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What can I say about the recall?

I wasn't for it- hell, we voted for Davis (the other candidate sucked) and we should have been stuck with him for the next four years unless he did something SUPERbad like, oh, started a war with Oregon for no good reason. I'm not sorry I voted for him any of the times I did, still- I do not believe in voting for anyone who runs for governor with no political experience other than "I'm filthy stinking rich," nor do I vote for anyone who thinks I should be forced to have babies no matter what the circumstances.

Yeah, he wasn't great, but hell, the state was already so buggered up that his actions weren't enormously bad, relatively speaking. What more damage could he have done? Or for that matter, what more damage could ANY of the candidates, including the ones involved with porn, do if they were in charge? I don't think any of them can improve the situation, and don't think that anyone has any idea how to. How much worse can it get when we're already circling the drain? Whether or not we'd kept Davis in office, things are going to be royally suckass here for at least the next few years. I guess it's comforting to know it can't get very MUCH worse, compared to how it already is.

I didn't like any of the candidates, and was seriously tempted to vote for Gary Coleman. I'm not kidding. I didn't because of the aforementioned I-don't-vote-for-non-politicians thing, but I wanted to because all the front runners struck me as flat-out idiots. I suspect if I'd actually watched the debate instead of reading the transcript later I would have started throwing fruit at the screen.

So, on to Ahnuld. Let's try looking on the bright side first for a change, eh?

Good points about Ahnuld:

* I suppose it's an improvement that a lot people in California actually bothered to come out and vote for a governor this time.

* While he is a Republican, he is not what is considered a "real" Republican these days. He is not all that supported by the party because while he may be fiscally conservative, he's not socially conservative. He doesn't spout the old everyone-must-have-babies, gays-are-evil kind of crap that those in power in the party here these days tend to spout at every opportunity. (I miss the days when "Republican" meant they were more concerned about what to do with money than keeping certain groups In Their Place Where God Wants Them. Why can't we have more people like Stef any more? Please?) Socially he's a moderate, which is why I think he had so much appeal to those not voting on the "Whoa, dude, he's a movie star, kewl!" platform. This is one of the few remaining liberal states, and we don't want one of Those Guys in charge. An actual moderate, however, can be dealt with.

* A candidate with an obviously skanky past has finally gotten into office, which is refreshing, as opposed to electing ones that pretend they don't have one and then we find out about it after their girlfriends die. Or whatever. Look, people can change!

* Despite his gender issues, at least he "lets" his wife work and keep her own damn name, even if she doesn't get to wear pants.

* Amusement factor. Even besides him being a movie stah with no experience and no clue, the Republicans don't know how to deal with him either. And at least we can keep cartoonists active and employed.

* We don't have to worry about him running off to run for President. Or at least, uh, not immediately?

* We're already used to actors running the state from time to time. And hey, at least he hasn't wrestled much in the last few years.

* Getting the Weirdest Candidate Ever title back from Minnesota.

* Likewise, getting Looniest State-run Election title back from Florida. Take that, suckas! Chad this!

* Nobody can be weirder than Californians. NOBODY. Not even the Japanese. We are the kings and queens of weird, fucked-up. Land of fruits, nuts and flakes! At least you're not bored living here!

* More "Totally Recall Arnold" merchandise will be coming out in a few months, and that should be amusing. Plus, more sets of playing cards! And don't we all love those gimmicky playing cards? They're collector's items!

Bad points:

* Terminator 4 may not come out for uh, awhile. And it'll have some amusement factor that the filmmakers didn't intend.

* Even beyond the skanky groping thing (which isn't much of a surprise these days- actors and politicians both fuck and grope around willy-nilly), I am still in shock that he publicly implied that Arianna's head should be shoved down a toilet. What kind of stupid is THAT to say that in public? It's not cute, and he seems to think it is.

* Much to my annoyance, a guy running with no political qualifications other than being stinky rich has finally won, and I fear this will set a precedent.

* Y'all know he probably couldn't have become governor under different circumstances, like, say, a normally timed election. This is rather suspect.

* Is, at the very least, confusing regarding the Nazi thing.

* Now everybody's going to be wasting billions on recall elections.

Total Recall, Calif.: "I talked to a lot of people over the last few weeks and they all said they'd happily sign a petition to recall Arnold. We should have no trouble getting the million plus signatures in the Bay Area alone. Should we just change the California Constitution to establish yearly elections for Governator?

Robert G. Kaiser: How about monthly?"


* So not thrilled with the "Bwahahahah! We got any kind of Republican in office, that means the Evil Empire WINS CALIFORNIA!" talk going on.

* Liberals even more screwed.

* Eventually, we'll get bored of it all. "After the strange trip Minnesota experienced with Ventura, all I can say is enjoy your ability to be shocked while you still can. After a year of Ventura's behavior, I became as jaded as a New Yorker in a Scorsese film."

I still need to work on moving to Vegas, though. Course, I'd have to be able to fucking drive first.

I have to be a bit depressed about the Evil Empire bit, though. I'm tired of voting in the minority. One does have to wonder if "Republicans are trying to create a political environment so exasperating for any rationally-minded people that they will throw up their hands in disgust and give up." And it feels like socially liberal people are becoming an endangered species. Pretty soon all of us women are gonna be back in the kitchen so the men can get jobs to improve the economy, so we can stay home and have a mess o' babies. Meanwhile, all gay people will be exported to Canada. Or so it feels, some days.

In other less pressing news, I have been churning out stuff for the craft fair. I took a beading class last night in making woven bracelets, and mine came out very well. I think I'm going to try making one in 3WA colors. Gotta expand the repertoire and all, you know.

I also started beginning ASL again Monday, and I definitely understood more this time, having taken it before. The class wasn't all that much of a repeat of what we'd done last time, which was cool. Yes, the teacher recognized me, which was rather funny. I need to get into practicing more or something when I can.

This weekend, we finally went to Apple Hill, sans my aunt and co., as they were dealing with a broken hot water heater plus rats plus bug infestation at home. This actually turned out to be a good thing, as when we go with my aunt, it's move 'em in, move 'em out, no lingering. We only get to about 3 farms, tops. Without her, we made it to seven. Dave got a bunch of dragons, I got a dichroic glass pendant and a Italian mood charm (it's a mood ring, but on your charm bracelet!), and we all ate like pigs. Much fun.

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