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A Tale of Two Morgans

2018-10-08, 9:21 p.m.

I got a free bouquet of a dozen red roses today! I was waiting around outside the CC for them to open and a fellow volunteer came up with three bouquets she got from a random lady and let me pick one. So that's been fun to walk around with all day :) If I was the sort to pass them off as from a dude, the day might have been more interesting (alas, the one person that might have been interesting to pull that on was walking by while I was giving the real explanation), and the chick I got it from does have a guy name... But I'm not that sort and everyone knows it. Anyway, I got a bouquet!

Someone at work is mad at me again. Good god. The person said I was an expert in an area I don't work on and got mad when I said I didn't know anything about it, and then also apparently threw a fit because I didn't say "Dear (Name)" on the email.

Seriously, why the shit is this such a big fucking deal when you're emailing someone you've emailed plenty of times before? They know who you are, for fuck's sake. I do not get the OMG WHOPPING OFFENSE.

So, time to avoid that one again. Sigh. I am sick of being the most offensive person in my universe, in a world where Trump exists. Like, I know you're miserable here and so am I, but taking it out on each other isn't gonna make anything else that sucks better.

Spent the day doing weird problem solving at work again. Sigh. It got weirder than usual today. I am hoping all this shiz will be fixed tomorrow.

In other news, I went to knitting group and the following happened:

(a) One person said she got hacked by someone trying to blackmail her into paying money or else her porn habits will be revealed to the entire Internet. Naturally, she doesn't look at porn. "What you have footage of me fucking knitting!"

That's how she phrased it, but she just meant she reads the Internet and knits, not that she has any knitted dildos or something.

(b) Meg knows someone who is homeless--I won't get into it but it sounds like this girl has had whopping awful luck and bad things happening. I briefly met her last time I was down there. Meg has bought the girl a trailer so she has somewhere to live that's not her car. She's trying to get her baby out of CPS custody before the baby is adopted out. I don't even know most of the details and it sounds really sad.

I know someone else at knitting group, with the same name (I'm gonna use an alias, Morgan) and probably around the other girl's and my age, coincidentally, who has decided to be voluntarily homeless to save money on rent and use it to take expensive trips instead. No, she's not a broke college student. She has three cats AND is perennially fostering kittens. And all of them are living in her truck, which I haven't seen but assume is one with a giant camper bed.

I am trying to not publicly have the inner reactions that I am having to this, which are along the lines of "With all those cats?" and "What about when you have to pee in the middle of the night?"* and "What about the police?" and "How long are you going to be able to stand this in winter?" Because even in California in an area that doesn't get snow, it'll still get around freezing-ish in a car all night. Added bonus is that the housing market in this town is usually something like 0.2 percent, 99% of leases run at the same yearly time, and should you realize at some point during the next year that this isn't going so well, you're just not going to be able to find a place to live. Especially with all the cats limiting your even more limited options. By the time I found this out it was clearly Too Late to say such things anyway though, so I have not.

* I did ask her today about middle of the night pees and she said (a) sometimes she parks the car out by somewhere with a PortaPotty, (b) most of the time she doesn't feel the need, but also (c) has something called a "ShePee."

But lord knows every time I see her I want to know how this is going. Like last week she said the kittens had a bout of diarrhea and smelled super bad and she was going to have to go to a friend's to get them washed. This week I asked how they were and she said something like "up until two days ago I would have said they were doing superlatively, but now they might have giardia and they might be too small to get treated for that." *boggleboggleboggle* She is also keeping the kittens below her desk at work. I asked how her work felt about that and she said that her boss is married to her veterinarian so hopefully well, this won't be an issue. I don't know if her job knows about this homeless thing or not.

Not that I am any expert in kitten poop diseases, but a wee brief look at the Internet about giardia and last week's diarrhea mention makes me think that perhaps the living in a vehicle is not going so well for the cats?

She also mentioned a place that she's been parking at--technically not forbidden to park at, but the police were going by her car with flashlights at 5 a.m. I guess they didn't spot her in the car. Also, while the cold snap here hasn't happened yet and probably won't until after the time change, which usually brings it on, how is she going to manage this? The whole thing boggles me because I've known her for years and she's always seemed like a very sensible person and while she's certainly logic-ed a bunch of stuff out, it just seems like a bad idea all around to me still. Not worth the effort you have to put into your life just to not pay rent.

I won't find out next week what's going on because she's jetting off to Hawaii and leaving the cats with a sitter. I hope they feel better with a change of venue.

In the meantime, I can't help but compare the two girls with the same name and type of address and think about how very weird it all is to choose to have that kind of lifestyle vs. desperately trying to get out of it.

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