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The Night Before The Lights Went Out

2019-10-08, 2:44 p.m.

I had an amusing conversation with another coworker today, in which she said that she “aggressively pursued” her boyfriend because she knew he liked her but he wasn’t going to make the first move. “So, I coincidentally showed up at places I knew he’d be at, hung out with him alone....Eventually I got him to ask me out.”

I had therapy for the first time in several weeks and did a lot of catchup. When I recounted all of Mom’s BS about my frizzy hair and how she tried to uh... well. At this point she called in her husband and said, “What would you say when my mother rags on me about my hair?” and he said he’d be annoyed and thought it was being mean. So that would be a sane response by someone else to that shit. We talked about how our moms seem utterly sweet to everyone else BUT us, and when I recounted the ”you’re a kid, who believes you?” stuff.... hooooooo boy. She knows what Mom’s like.

Today’s synchronicity: I found another guitar pick.

At rehearsal, I got Scott to replace my license plate frames and talked about random stuff such as doing Southern accents for no good reason, Lambtown (not that he goes, but he’s heard of it), blah de blah power outage, I think. Other than that, I read my one line aloud (I’m not even onstage for that) and did a few extra lines that will eventually be replaced with recordings. Mostly I got a lot of reading done, though I can’t say I got a lot of knitting done because I kept pulling it out and restarting it. The joys of designing your own stuff there, really.

Seriously, why am I there? Small children have more lines and parts than I have. What am I thinking, what am I doing to be doing this. Dumb de dumb dumb.

Quote Corner:
* “The cutest little Myles Standish you ever did see.” -Anita
* “Let’s be ready to grumble.” -Anita
* “Are you guys fearing for your safety?...I don’t see how... We’ll work on that.” -Anita
* “Made you buy a penny book” is as vicious as that gets?” -me on one of the “insults” in the show.

As for karaoke, Matthew was not there tonight for whatever reason and he had in his substitute Brian. Brian seems nice enough, albeit I think he is Not Into Me personally compared to the rest of the bunch, but jesus, how fucking hard is it to get the guy to get you in for a song? I did get in to do one song (see below) but when I tried to put in for another one* he seemed to not really get the concept and then didn’t follow through and I just gave up. He claims to have a rotation and doesn’t really, he makes a big deal about coming up and asking and then there really isn’t time to do that... etc. I don’t have the emotional energy any more to keep pursuing shit when people are not inclined to follow through. Whatever.

* “Hot ‘n Cold” because guess what’s going on again here.

The entire town is going to be shut down for five days, so the theme when I walked in (per Karaoke Jim, I think) was to do songs about power, lights, etc. I suggested someone do “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia,” but I don’t know that one beyond the chorus. Instead I did...dum dum dum.... “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life,” which I put in before Scott showed up and I apologized for before going up. He laughed a lot once he found out what I meant there. That said, for the record, if you ever attempt to do Monty Python songs at karaoke, they always throw in complete random talking shit before and after, which makes you go HUH? a lot. Ah well. I did go dance with a nice new girl during “Last Dance,” which was fun. I think she’s been sold on going to the play this weekend, except who knows if it’ll even go on this weekend?

Anyway...nobody knows what’s going to happen other than no power for days on end. I feel bad for my friends because I think they are all losing power where they live, but for the moment they seemed fairly unfazed other than about not being able to do the play.

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