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Two Weeks Of Update

2013-10-11, 9:42 p.m.

I haven't updated in a few weeks. Or it feels like it, anyway.

Last weekend was incredibly busy but fun. I went to the Lambtown lamb/yarn/fiber event that was going on here last weekend for a few hours--talked to mah yarnies around town (har har), bought a lot of roving to spin into yarn later, looked at cute bunny rabbits. I did that in the morning-ish, and then Mom came up in the afternoon. There was a Hawaiian festival in Sacramento on the same day that we met up at, and of course I bought a ton of flowers for my hair and a few gifts for Mom, and she bought miscellaneous turtle merchandise and a few gifts for me, like a lovely plumeria painting I've got in my living room now.

We attempted to do a Skype chat with my cousin Matt that night, but Skype pretty much took a dump on their end, so we were forced to resort to the lowly speakerphone.

The next day, I took Mom around to the library book sale, a craft fair, and IHOP, so it was a good day for her. She also didn't talk to me about work much and kept her bitching about her friends to a minimum. Huzzah!

I'm not sure what I am going to do this weekend--all weekends in October have tons and tons of festivals and things going on, but I am feeling slightly less enthusiastic about the ones running this weekend. Maybe I'll just stay home, or go to the gym and the Craft Center...but what I should do is clean the house for L coming over next weekend. I've been getting the sheets and towels done in the laundry for the last few nights, and most of the guest/craft room is cleaned up, so there's that.

I did find out that my glass mosaic class is (barely!) running next week, surprise! Thought it'd be canceled, but another person signed up, so there you go. I will be busy all days of the week now, so I really better get stuff cleaned this weekend. But will I do it? Hah, probably not, who am I kidding?

I had a tremendously shitty day at work last Friday--basically got chewed out big time because a computer programmer in another office found hundreds of computer errors that were all our fault and OMG TEH DRAMA. I felt completely stupid, incompetent at my job, etc. and had major shame going on for days, which I was trying to drown out by shopping.

Today, on the other hand, I found out that the programmer...was apparently just being a crazy drama queen or something, and was looking up computer errors for, no joke, the last forty years instead of actually working on the stuff they are supposed to be working on. My boss was all, "We can't even DO anything about most of that." Plus all of the supposed complaints we were getting? I guess they were...all just the programmer. Plus when a higher-up called the programmer on that BS, the programmer did not respond back. But at least I feel less like I'm the idiot here.

It reminds me of the time in 2003 or so when my now ex-friends rolled into town and proceeded to tell me a bunch of lies about my then-boyfriend, that they had fixed me up with in the first place. I don't get the desire to make up drama like that, honestly. Real life is dramatic enough without stupid bullshit lying.

In other news.. let's just say that thanks to the government, it looks like I'll be spending most of the month of November in Sacramento all day instead of going to work, and if I don't do so they send law officials after me. If you get my drift. Well, at least I have a car now, so that works out. On the other hand, I've never done "the morning commute" thing like most everyone else does, so...that's a little ugh. Hopefully I can manage that, and hopefully the car keeps up, doesn't fog over too much, etc. I should probably start the drive at the crack of dawn, right?

While doing the laundry tonight and doing general other cleanup, I am watching Before Sunset. I was rather "eh, this is okay" about movie one--it was one of those movies everyone goes on about being so awesome, but I hadn't been particularly into the idea of seeing it. Mostly because it didn't sound like it had a lot of plot and Ethan Hawke and his schmucky goatee get on my nerves, even if he seems generally nice-ish otherwise. But hoo boy, movie two. Actually sizzles for me, what with all of the exes-sexual-tension-pining going on amidst the chit-chat. And Julie Delpy is seriously adorable. And when she's talking about how she hardly ever goes for anyone because she doesn't really recover from relationships...and later starts ranting in the car about she doesn't believe in love any more...hah, I relate, Celine, I relate. I didn't burn out for the same reasons she did, but boy, do I know that song.

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