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2014-10-11, 9:58 p.m.

I still need to write up Hawaii. And seeing Nick Offerman. And upload a shit ton of photos. Oh well, I'll just backdate later. Right now I'll do some quickie updating.

Written Friday night:
Woo, I'm drunk right now! Woo!

I spent the evening going to two art shows: One of them was Meg's, the amazing ceramic sculpture instructor at the CC. Her show was awesome. It had woven textiles, "shawlters" (shawls made with one-word intent thought while making them, and they have a little bead with that word in them), masks, tons of ceramic seashells, an amazing wall display with lights in it and art yarn and shells, a cool wood table, wall displays, a fountain, and tiny little people hidden throughout her show (fourteen, she said--she gave them to someone to hide and doesn't even know where they all are herself yet). It was awesome. She had tons of people show up and she went around talking about how she made everything. Even the bowls holding the food were her own. I had a good time following her around for like an hour and then hanging out with her brother and sister-in-law from Lake County chatting, and showing them and a friend of hers from Santa Cruz my gallery show online (they asked, Meg was cool with it since she liked my show too). It was all great fun and I was there until the CC closed.

The second show of the night was at Kirsten and Cara's office. Kirsten is my EFT/tapping instructor and Cara is her officemate. The show there was also amazing--Kirsten does paintings and she had a lot of them with items from the trash put into the paintings and they were excellent. I saw most of the folks from class, people I knew from the CC, one lady I met on the street who had been at Meg's show and then I brought her to this one, met some other cool people (one lady just moved here two weeks ago and was psyched to live here), figured out whose boyfriend was whose, drank some WINE and some awesome plum mead that Kirsten made...hence the drunk because I basically had vegetarian appetizers for dinner. WOOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS FUN HAVEN'T BEEN CHEERFUL DRUNK FOR AWHILE YOU GUYS!

After that, I briefly wandered to Delta for a show that one of my classmates had mentioned, and caught the tail end of that. Mostly I just went to that because I heard the Magic Unicorn Rider was going to be there. He was, but sans unicorn.* Then I wandered home, all cheerful like, to write this entry. The shows were amazing and I had an excellent time hanging with people. Also, woooooooo happy drunk!

* Yeah, welcome to my town, where this stuff happens for realz. Seen him at Picnic Day tooling through the arboretum. Very quickly.

Tomorrow I have my first "day off" in ages. I haven't had a whole free day on a weekend since like, August. (Was going to have the whole weekend off, but folks are coming for Apple Hill on Sunday.) I plan to go to the bookstore and a nearby art gallery in Sacramento, but beyond that, I have free time and I'm not sure how I'm gonna spend it. There are a lot of things I want to do but only so many hours in a day for 'em. I guess we shall see, I'm gonna play it by ear.

Written Saturday night:

I spent today relaxing in the morning--only leaving the house when the dreaded Lawn Guys showed up to make a racket--and spent the day mostly in Sacramento. I wanted to see a gallery show, I had homework to do for a class, and I figured I might as well check out the costume stores. Much to my annoyance there is no Halloween superstore in town this year (why?! Meanwhile, Dublin has at least two), so I went to our local Goodwill and got another cheap fake corset that I could get myself into for $6.50. I also briefly ran into a former coworker and her kids, which are huge. Good lord, it's been so long. After that, I went into Sacramento for the following:

(a) I really wanted to check out this exhibit. You don't necessarily know this from the Internet, but ah, I tend to be a colorful dresser, so of course I was into this. The artist sewed the same dress in 343 colors and has them all on exhibit in big blocks of color. There's also seven different videos running at once, showing separate colors. The red and orange ones show her trying to build some kind of little cardboard box set, the yellow one has her setting out a "yellow brick road," there's one in which she periodically emerges holding a cloud and another where she's tugging on a rope across the screen, and a third where she's being tugged about by balloons. But my favorite--and apparently everyone's favorite--is the purple video in which there are a bunch of little purple robot dogs walking around wagging their tails, and she keeps picking them up and throwing them out of the frame. She finally cuddles the last dog, then goes to pick up all of the other ones. The artist happened to be there today teaching a sewing class on how to make the dresses (yeah, wish I'd have been able to do that, oh well), so I told her about liking the show and heard from her how everyone likes the dog one. I wore a rainbow tie-dye dress over there in honor of the show and she liked it. So cool.

(b) One of my assignments for tapping class was to go to a bookstore for 2 hours and take note of what books I'm interested in and flip through them and see what stands out as important to me. YEAH, WE ALL KNOW I LIKED THIS ASSIGNMENT. The only shocking thing is that it took me most of the two weeks to do it--but I decided I wanted to do it at Beers, the best used bookstore in the area. So I got a giant basket-filling pile of books to go through...and ended up buying only three of them, go figure. Pruned it down to two fiction books in a series I read that are hard to find, and Thomas Moore's A Life At Work. I pondered getting a few others but found them to be kind of complicated for my brain. I was there for over three hours, of course.

(c) I went to Old Sac and hit the infamous Evangeline's Costume Mansion, because you just have to check that out. While I didn't get anything there for my costume this year, I got some rainbow hair streaks and some LED lights, because now they sell LED lights I can put into clothes! So exciting! Also poked around a few other stores, but nothing compares to Evangeline's.

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