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Finding Casa de Fruta

2015-10-12, 10:23 p.m.

This weekend I went to the Casa de Fruta Renaissance Faire, by myself since working out travel and money details with others has not worked out this year. It did make the trip a lot shorter to start out from my mom’s (approximately the halfway point between there and where I live), and I am proud to say that after five years of attempts, I managed to find the place on my own with no GPS difficulties!

I had a good time. Enjoyed two improv comedy shows, saw a kids’ show where a guy performed silently, saw a fake Shakespeare play, saw some bellydance*, and was delighted once again by the sign language interpreter combined with Broon the performer and his mighty snark.

* though they insisted on having TWO times where they stopped to ask for tips, which was...look, I know they have a big troupe and everyone lives on tips, but on the second money dance they were wriggling around in the audience looking for more money and all the faces around me were looking like, “Dude, we already paid.” I just got up and left at that point. That’s a little obnoxious.

I bought a really expensive dress, which I probably should not have done except (a) when I had it on, a random dude walking by went, “OOH,” and hell, I was oohing myself, and (b) it can both pass as a Renfaire outfit and a normal work dress, oddly enough.

I am getting used to driving in darkness at 7 p.m.--something I normally avoid doing, but at this time of the year I am stuck putting up with that--but I will admit that the super dark wind-y road to get back were...nervewracking. Ugh, I hate the oncoming winter already.

On Friday I hung out with Mauricio and his wife, and they wanted to see the movie Sicario. I would not say that this is a movie ah, to my usual tastes. It is a downer.

On Sunday I followed Mom and her friend Carol around--well, sorta--at an antique fair, where I got two dresses, three packs of glitter and two books. Okay, so that was fun for me and most of that was very cheap (except one of the books, but then I got a second for free). So there you go.

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