Chaos Attraction

Everything I Do Is Wrong

2018-10-12, 8:04 p.m.

I'm in trouble again. Got reported on by five people this time, including, of course, the entire shark tank.

Of course I was wrong. I apparently missed some crucial detail in someone telling me something and gave an answer totally different than I would have had I heard that detail (there is no excuse for me utterly missing it), and now everyone hates me because I sounded like a bitchy asshole who refused to help. AGAIN, because that is who I am here.

I understand now why they all really, really, really hate me. I hate me too.

I would finger snap my way out of existence if I could.

With all my heart and soul I don't want to be here any more, and I can't find any reasonable way out of here. Ain't no jobs that don't ask for "excellent customer service skills" and I just. cannot. do. it. I'm always wrong. I didn't even figure out how wrong I was until everyone got mad.

I wouldn't post this if anyone was reading this any more, but hah, nobody is.

No, I'm not actively going to take any steps you're thinking I want to do. I just wish.

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