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In Which Mom Is A Brat

2020-10-13, 8:02 p.m.

Day Three of I Can't Write Email went about the same. My one on one with my boss ended early so she could go read more emails. I can't get much else done all day except after I get permission for emails (more of the same with that).

I brought up that uh....I'm concerned that the in-office people aren't getting to mailing Important Documents because I have quite a pile of their forms and the complaints are coming in as to where they are and what the hell can I say? I sent that to them weeks/months ago and no response? I will get in trouble if I say anything, I can't nag them, they aren't allowed to get any help and they are super slammed and a week behind and the printers don't work and shit like that. I'm also being asked to email when the mail goes out and so far I've been saying no, because nobody's notifying ME when the mail goes out and I can't make promises on behalf of other people--my boss agreed on that one. I did get permission to send them a list of 22 documents to get mailed and then another list of the international mail that's supposed to come in tomorrow, so there's that, I guess.

On Monday one girl sent a snotty email being all "I shouldn't have to pay, my friends all got theirs for free, give me the emails of all the people who didn't get theirs and tell me what they did!" (uh, reordered and paid more money), blah blah snittypants. I can't respond to it so forwarded it to my boss on Monday, no response there. Today New Girl she spammed every email box she could about 20 times with the same three emails over and over again, and then adding "Please respond." I STILL CAN'T DO ANYTHING.

Added fun: my boss was going to be out for part of the emails training meeting, and I pointed out that this kind of hampers my ability to show people how to do emails when I can't send emails, so can I do something else trainingwise instead? "No, just send them to me anyway." I already explained this shit to New Girl, but then I was forced, under the circumstances, to explain it to the other one today that I am complete incompetent shit and not allowed to send my own email. I don't know her very well and I'm not sure how that went over. She mostly just wanted to know why they were piling up in the box and I said that's why, I'm not permitted to send anything without permission now. However, you can send whatever you want, so if you see anything of mine you can do, go ahead. New Girl was all, don't rag on yourself, but I desperately NEED TO because I am SUCH INCOMPETENT SHIT. How the hell else am I going to learn otherwise? I mean, yes, I'm a nice person, but I am a BAD EMPLOYEE.


Mom and Roger went off to Apple Hill today. I told her to leave the apples on the back porch and specifically, DO NOT DROP BY BETWEEN 2:30-3:30 WHEN I AM TRAINING PEOPLE. If she'd "dropped by" afterwards when I wasn't in a meeting, maybe I could have talked to her through the door or something (especially if she's waited until after 5), but nooooooooo. First she's all "Oh, I can just let myself into your house!" Please don't do that. "Can I use the bathroom?" NO. Now I'm the asshole who told a 70-year-old she can't use my bathroom. And I have said to her multiple times, if you come over here, NO YOU CAN'T USE THE BATHROOM. THIS IS PART OF WHY I DON'T WANT YOU TO COME HERE BECAUSE YOU WILL ASK. Guess who's the person who first told me about toilet plumes long before the coronavirus? This apartment doesn't have ventilation and nobody else has been in here in months.

She specifically was texting and calling me in the last half hour of the meeting, interrupting the meeting and embarrassing me (like I wasn't embarrassed already enough today), and then yes, she dropped by while I was still in training. She did leave them on the back patio--I watched her walk away and Roger drive off--and then she sent a snitty text saying she has a key and could have let herself in, you know.

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I hate this. I hate this so much. This is inhuman to have to treat another human this way, like a total biohazard, but she’s not really social distancing any more as far as I can tell, even if she has a mask on, my apartment has no ventilation going on and nobody else has been in it in months, etc.

But did she have to act like a boundary pushing little brat?! My therapist is all “She loves to push boundaries.” And that’s why I don’t go see her (except the one time where she was about to just show up at my house then too), she just pushes and pushes and guilt trips.

Memorized more lines again after work. Reggie pops out and gets chatty every time I try to work on lines outside, so I have to give up on THAT idea, sigh.

After that I watched a webinar about propositions to vote on (the one about 17 year olds voting and felons voting), which was mildly interesting. I'm already decided on these anyway, but somehow felt compelled to sign up for this one even though the one I really want to hear is about the stupid props like "why the fuck am I, a non-medical professional, being asked to vote on kidney dialysis clinics when I can in no way figure out what the least bad option is going on here?" I tried to go to that Tuesday night knitting group again afterwards--about 20 minutes late--but the lady doesn't seem to be running it or at least the meeting room wasn't open. Erm....???

I'm catching up on Roswell tonight. I missed a few episodes that I can't seem to find online (grrrrrr), but I'm amused at "The Diner" episode in which Kyle takes his new girlfriend Steph to his ex Liz's diner. Liz and Kyle are amused at this (Liz totally is), Steph finds it weird. At one point she says to Liz (after some commentary on Liz's current dude), "Are you attracted to red flags?!" "Well, red has always been my color," Liz says. I also got excited at Liz saying that alien DNA could be a "universal vaccine." Sigh.

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