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Fire and (no) Rain

2004-10-14, 6:41 p.m.

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There's fires going on in this area, and the weather is strange. On Monday, it was so smoky I felt nauseous for a few hours (great timing when one is going rock climbing). The fires started around my previous ex's house out in the boonies, or so I hear. I have been wondering ever since if his house burned down. Which would be sad for his book collection, but on the other hand I can't help feeling a little evil pleasure at the idea of him getting screwed a bit. Then I remember, this is coming from the girl whose apartment was flooded, and perhaps I shouldn't be having evil thoughts like this.


Anyway, it's getting weirder and weirder around here. Mike (Jess's husband) said it was so bad at his work you couldn't see the sun all day long and you started coughing just going outside. Here isn't quite as smoky, or at least I'm not coughing, but the sky is just disturbing. It's the pure gray color that normally indicates it's going to rain soon, except it's supposed to be around 90 degrees today. Doesn't feel like 90, and I felt stupid wearing a short dress today.

And then there's the sun here. I went out with one of our new coworkers to get food around 11, and when we looked up, the sun was NEON ORANGE. It looked like we'd just walked into a movie and it was the day before apocalypse. Very disturbing, and I wish I'd brought my camera to school today instead of yesterday so I could have attempted a picture of it. But by the time I got off work, the sun was completely gone, and while it's still light out, you can't even tell where a sunset might be.

It's all very freaky. Autumn was already having confusing weather even before this. I can't even figure out if I should wear a tank top and shorts or long sleeves and pants from day to day.

Jess's dog has now Frenched me in more places than any man has.
Between her and Jasmine the (formerly) Humping Cat, I am just a hotbed of animal sexual magnetism, aren't I? Any minute now, I'm going to be arrested.

The apartment appears to be ready to move into. The old fridge seems to have been removed (I will go ballistic if I move back in and find all the old food that was so disgusting I couldn't remove it inside the "new" fridge) from my patio, and I could see a new clean white stove installed in there this morning from the bus. It looks ready to move into.
I am not sure exactly how I will be getting my bed from the Bay Area up to here. Supposedly the bed warehouse is in Hayward and pickup is around noon there. I am not sure what Mom is doing truckwise, exactly. PITA uncle and cousin will probably be recruited to help, and I'm sure we're all going to rue the decision to buy the bed where we did and the size that we did. But oh well.

I might be getting my picture in the school paper at a future date. Someone is doing some kind of article on the CC, and the photographer got sent in during my shift on Wednesday to take pictures. I warned her it was going to be hard, as none of the official manager types were about, no classes were going on yet, and very few people (if any) were in the place at that point. The new chicks on my shift are nice enough, but I have my doubts as to how "crafty" they are on their own time. Everyone but me was studying a textbook in dead silence all night. I was beading for the upcoming auctions, so naturally I was about the only "action" thing to photograph. At this point I might have been a shoo-in for my picture being printed, except that I am no longer a student. And let's face it, if your options are a non-student employee doing something or an official student picking his nose in ceramics (hah), which is a student paper in an article about students using the CC going to use?
Anyway, I doubt I'll get in, and if I do I'll probably look quite hideous, but what the hell. It was the only amusement going on that night.

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