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2019-10-14, 10:04 p.m.

Heard back from my old boss (god, I’m gonna have to number them here, aren’t I?). Last week he was shocked to hear about BigBoss, but today he had some sharp comments about how her management was going and how he disagreed with how she did things but didn’t expect her to bail. I’m thinking she had a plan like say, the Cylons did....? I enjoyed his commentary.

Work continues to continue. Folks be overloaded. I had a lot of last minute drama. The usual. By 4ish I am out of juice and ready to leave.

I went to knitting group and worked on my Halloween costume, which is going well. The front of the sweater is done except for sewing the star on. Next comes the arms and then the bottoms. And I’m still frantically working on the belt. And trying not to lose the parts of the belt every time I move my purse or something.

After that, I ended up going to rehearsal briefly. I won’t be going to Mondays since I don’t even have one line in the middle of the show and that’s what’s rehearsing on Mondays this month usually. However, Anita sent out an email to everyone saying that the set designer was coming after rehearsal ended tonight and there was going to be a meeting about set design. I debated whether or not to go to this since I have no woodworking experience whatsoever, but...okay, fine, I went. I guess nobody but Scott has any anyway.

Mostly just sat there working on the belt (and talking to the other girls about the belt) and listening to the discussions of that. It sounds like the set design is going to be along the lines of the video I watched, a bunch of different sets all over the stage. I’ll show up for building or whatever (I kinda felt bad that I never did it for As You Like It, but I was also out of town all those weekends.), but who knows how much help I’m going to be considering that the last time I tried to build anything bigger than me, I got told “it looked more like an octopus when it didn’t have legs.”

Today’s synchronicity: I was driving to said rehearsal and the car in front of me had a heart sticker on it. I took a photo of it while parked for a long time and what’s surprising is that my car even allowed me to do it. Android Auto likes to turn itself on if I’m in the car or even using Bluetooth outside of the car, and then it tries to block me from doing goddamned anything even kind of including using the GPS, which is the point of the damn thing. But right now? It’s fine with that. Hmmmmm.
Also, I am not into that 1111 thing that a lot of hippies are into. I had like, one experience and then I mentioned in that link that I saw someone’s address was at 1111 Whatever Street. Well, I was dealing with addresses again and found the 1111 Whatever Street one...with the apartment number of 111. Now I’m thinking it’s a joke, y’all.

In other random news, I’m watching Supergirl right now and they have now used a food allergy as a plot point. At the beginning, Alex makes blueberry pancakes and then she’s about to stuff a pancake into Kelly’s mouth and Kelly is all “uh, I’m allergic to blueberries.” Then Alex freaks about “I could have killed her, but she didn’t tell me, and what else isn’t she telling me?” Meanwhile I am all, uh.... how long have you two been dating again? A few episodes? Because blueberries aren’t exactly being allergic to one (or more) of the major things you have to have A Conversation about on date one because blueberries aren’t in virtually every dish. Like Meg is allergic to all the foods ending in “toes,” but that’s just more of a random mention in the occasional food selection situation. Since I doubt blueberries have come up in your seemingly short dating life before because of that, you had an awkward moment, but since she didn’t actually eat any, chill.

*sigh* The things I know about now already.

Anyway, later on there’s an evil shapeshifter that dresses up as Kelly and when Alex suspects something, she’s all “Let me get some of those blueberry pancakes from this morning,” and Fake Kelly is all “all right.” So they made that into something. By the end after the shapeshifter has gotten away, Kelly presents her with a little card of allergies: blueberries, hazelnuts, bees and cats.

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