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You Don't Have To Be Dumb To Be Stupid

2003-10-15, 7:45 p.m.

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Some actual good news on the Dave front for a change- his car is on the way to working. Probably not fully working for another month, moneywise, but maybe driveable in town by the weekend. We shall see.

While looking for Christmas presents for Dad on Amazon today, I spotted this book, You Don't Have To Be Dumb To Be Stupid.

Now isn't that just the theme of my entire life?! I love it. I want it. Too bad it looks like it's out of print or something.

Today's entry was sparked by this one. Mary has dealt with many a nutter before, so I relate.

"It's time to go if you find you can no longer depend on this person, physically or mentally. It's not okay to consistently (or even occasionally) say one thing and do another, particularly when your friends are concerned. If you say that you're going to meet someone at Starbucks at 4:00PM, it's not okay to not show up. It's not okay to not return your friend's calls. It's not okay to say you're going to help your friend move, but then you're hungover, so you don't. It's your job, as a friend, to do what you say you're going to do, with both the little things and the big. If you've got a friend who's a constant flake, she's not putting as much into this relationship as you are. If you can't consistently depend on your friend, what, I ask, is the fucking point?"


This is like, my one of my top pet peeves with people- total bloody inconsistency. I'd like to know that a friend of mine is going to be reliable at least 3/4 of the time. I don't want to know deep down that they're gonna bail out at the last minute or that I'd better make alternate plans because they're probably just going to fuck off. I like having my phone calls returned- I call people so rarely that if I actually bother to call your ass voluntarily it's a big deal. And it drives me batshit to get ignored.

What's even WORSE, however, are people who are only iffily reliable, and your chances are 50/50 that the person will come through. Sometimes they flake out, and sometimes they will lead you on. "Oh, yeah, sure, we're friends! I'll write you back later! We'll go out sometime! I'll change my act!," they say if you happen to call when they are actually home. And then, you get nothing. This is why bipolar people in particular drive me batshit. I don't like having no idea how to deal with someone from one day to the next, or one moment to the next. I'd like some damn consistency for a change. If you like me, ACT like you do and stick with it. If you don't, ACT like you don't. Don't ignore me one day and be sweet the next and the third day, wonder why I still haven't gotten the hint to get out of your life yet.

I was having a conversation with someone last night about getting jerked around and how after a point you're just gonna hit your limit and give up, when it occurred to me just how many fucking times this has gone on with me. How many of my best and closest friends and/or boyfriends have eventually just totally flaked on me and thought this was perfectly fine to do.

I sure can pick 'em, can't it?

I have no taste in people whatsoever.

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